Citizen of UNITED STATE?

What does it mean to be an American?

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    I am not a citizen of a "United State" but of the United States.

    To be an American to me means to be thought of as selfish. In most of the world an American only does for others when the others have something the American has need of.

    To be an American to me means that no one measures up to what an American is unless they become what an American is in speech, actions and beliefs.

    To be an American to me means if what I want is not given freely then I will take it from you with force, lies and deceit.

    I do not openly call myself an American mainly because those around me see me as a minority, especially with the current immigration debate, a cast off that could never live up to the standard of what their idea of what an American is or acts like. That was some thing I learned when I told others I did not like the game of baseball or for that matter most professional sports.

    I live in the United States and I am a citizen yet there is a hidden limit to how American I can be. Some days I am so close and others I am far enough away to only dream that I am.

    You should have asked what does it mean to me/you to be a citizen of the United States, then I could have answered on what I do and not on how I am viewed.

    "to be in charge of your own future"

    Providing a person follows the state and federal laws, city ordinances and health codes.

    From the above link "I am a first-generation Italian-American." Isn't this answerer a supporter of President Roosevelt's quote of,

    "In the first place we should insist that the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equity with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace or origin. But this is predicated upon the man's becoming an American and nothing but an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American but something else also, isn't an American at all".:........

    But to those that disagree with MY opinion, MY freedom to say or MY loyalty to the United States, I say you are free to do so or as it is said all wo/men have these freedoms.

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    To be or to become an American, a person did not have to be any particular national, linguistic, religious, or ethnic background. All he had to do was to commit himself to the political ideology centered on the abstract ideals of liberty, equality, and republicanism. Thus the universalist ideological character of American nationality meant that it was open to anyone who willed to become an American.

    I think this article describes it best.

    What does it mean to be an American?

    Here's Harry Reeds and liberals version.

    What Does It Mean To Be An American?

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    well, Speak English, for one.. (first thing, popped in my head)... sorry

    my mind went blank... sorry... chuckling here

    How do you feel about our American Flag? even though, you are from another country..

    baseball, applepies, and rootbeer...

    We love cookouts, camping, family-oriented, We have freedom to say what is on our minds, if we want to share, or not... We have the freedom of religion...

    We get upset about injustices, and stand up, for that.. (we have freedom to do that)

    I don't care what anyone says.. but I believe this country was founded, by christian principles... In God, we Trust

    Pursuit of Happiness...

    Old retiree folks hanging out at McDonalds in the morning, drinking coffee, & talking...

    yes, to someones comment, sometimes, we have too much freedom.. and we end up hurting ourselves & others... sad, but true

    we do have some ignorant Americans, that I don't want to talk more about... You will always have a dysfunctional family member or family...

    We do have our flaws, just like any other country... People have flaws, just as well...

    70's disco, funny clothes, funny hairstyles, great music, and beautiful classic muscle cars..

    80's funny hairstyles again, classic rock,

    Stone C, I like that link, you posted.. when you love your country, it shines...

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    they are back ......... Refugees from Cuban Communism, hitherto welcomed into u.s., will now be forcibly exceeded over to the Castro regime via the U.S. Coast look after. of direction, Castro has promised that no individual who's sent back would be mistreated, and President Clinton can provide that no person in actual threat would be sent back. those 2 can provide have approximately equivalent credibility. till now the Nineteen Eighties, all refugees from Cuba have been welcomed into u.s. as political refugees. This replaced interior the Nineties so as that the only Cubans that attain U.S. soil are granted shelter decrease than the moist ft/Dry ft coverage. Cuban immigration additionally keeps with an dispensed type of Cubans (20,000 according to 3 hundred and sixty 5 days) presented criminal U.S. visas. The moist ft, dry ft coverage (additionally undemanding by using fact the moist-foot, dry-foot coverage) is the call given to a consequence of the 1995 revision of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 that asserts, in fact, that any one who fled Cuba and have been given into u.s. may be allowed to pursue residency a 300 and sixty 5 days later. After talks with the Cuban government, the Clinton administration got here to an contract with Cuba that it would stop admitting human beings discovered at sea. considering that then, in what has grow to be undemanding by using fact the "moist ft, dry ft" coverage, a Cuban caught on the waters between the two international locations (i.e., with "moist ft") might summarily be sent domicile or to a 0.33 united states. individual who makes it to shore ("dry ft") gets a raffle to proceed to be contained in u.s., and later might qualify for expedited "criminal everlasting resident" status and U.S. citizenship.

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    A deeply held understanding of what it means to be in charge of your own future. To be left alone and build your life the way YOU see fit. To pursue whatever dream that you dream. To build a cupcake shop that you believe will make the best cupcakes. If you succeed good if you don't then you have all the freedoms to try again.

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    There is a long list, but most importantly that they are legally here. Otherwise they are nothing but human.

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    You would willing lay down your life to save it from enmies foreign and domestic, it's that simple.

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    to be a citizen of america

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    To be human, like other races

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    In my ESL book im using it says freedom of choice, independece and so on.... But in my opinion, American culture has become nothing but sex, parties, money and drugs. Its a shame.......

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