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Why does Bill Simmons dislike Vince Carter?

Bill Simmons = ESPN Sports Guy, Vince Carter = Orlando Magic player

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    Simple. Simmon's is all about good basketball. He has a true passion for the game, and writes from a fan's perspective. There are two main reasons for his disapproval of VC. 1) Vince doesn't try. He always gives a lackluster effort, and rolls around on the ground at least once every four games. 2) Fans hate VC. He always lets them down by not producing when the need him to (as evidenced by his horrible two missed free throws in Game 2). And, being the ultimate fan, Bill Simmons hates him too.

    Source(s): My Brain. Infinite amounts of Simmon's readings.
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    Vince Carter = A genius student who gets nothing but F's. But unlike most geniuses he will accomplish nothing in his life and be known as that guy with a lot of talent but didn't do much.

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    Carter is not going to win a title!

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