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Bernard Hopkins: will he ever fight again?

At 45, retirement seems to have happened.


Beibet Shumenov is young - 26 - , inexperienced only 9 -0, holds WBA lightHeavy champion belt... Good old/young fight for Hopkins?

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    I would be pretty surprised if Bernard Hopkins never fought again- I'm pretty confident in predicting that we will see Hopkins in at least 1 more big fight before he hangs up the gloves for good because he doesn't want to go out with that terrible performance over Roy Jones because even though he won, the way he fought and the way he acted in that fight was uncharacteristic of the tough guy that he's been throughout his entire career and I'm sure that he wants to go out in a better way than that.

    Hopkins has not yet announced his retirement- I think that a fight with the young buck Chad Dawson is the most likely route for Hopkins assuming Dawson beats Jean Pascal in August for the WBC title. A fight with Beibut Shumenov (who is 9-1 not 9-0) would be intriguing but it wouldn't sell because Shumenov is barely known even to diehard fans of the sport and he's not even ranked in The Ring Magazine's top 10 light heavyweights in the world (whereas Dawson is ranked number 1) and plus Shumenov is coming off a gift decision in his most recent bout, which was his rematch with Gabriel Campillo in which Shumenov won the title in a highly controversial split decision. A Dawson-Hopkins fight would be virtually the same type of fight as a Shumenov-Hopkins fight (young buck vs. old veteran) but the difference is that the Dawson fight would be much bigger and more intriguing because Dawson is a much bigger name than Shumenov is.

    Hopkins had also expressed the desire of moving up to heavyweight for a fight with David Haye in an attempt to win Haye's title and become one of the few former middleweight champions to move up and win a heavyweight belt, however those talks sort of died down after the lackluster performance from Hopkins over Jones and Haye dismissed the fight as something that he's simply not interested in, and most of the generally public agrees with Haye because most feel that Haye would be too big and too strong for a 45 year old Hopkins to be competitive with.

    There have also been some rumors that Joe Calzaghe may come out of retirement to face Hopkins in a rematch, however as of right now, that's all they are- rumors. I think Hopkins will fight again and his most likely bout would be against Dawson as long as Dawson beats Pascal and the Calzaghe fight is also a possibility assuming Calzaghe is serious about returning to the sport because Hopkins has wanted a rematch to that fight for a while now since he feels he was robbed the first time around. The Shumenov fight is not even a remote possibility and I never say "never" when it comes to boxing but I can guarantee you that Shumenov-Hopkins will never happen.

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    If what Jose say is true, then I hope Hopkins and Trinidad don't meet again. The first fight wasn't even close, so why would anyone be interested in a second fight? Anyway, I think the only people Hopkins care to fight are title holders at heavyweight and I think any of those options would be his undoing.

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    In April there were back to back Boxing weeks where Hopkins beat Jones and Heavyweight Legend Evander Holyfield won the WBF Heavyweight Title by KO over Frans Botha.

    In the subsequent days that followed there was much talk about the possibility of Hopkins wanting to "Bulk Up" to take on the "Real Deal" in a "Battle of Ageless Legends". That match is a long shot however because Evander right now has made it known that he is purely focused on Positioning himself for Heavyweight Unification Fights with The Klitschkos Brothers { Wladimir and Vitali } or David Haye.

    IF those negotioations fall through, however, Hopkins is said to be on a "short list" of "possible", Holyfield opponents.

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  • He's talking about fighting Felix Trinidad again, sometime later this year.

    Hopefully he doesn't fight Trinidad again, as Hopkins would win again.

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    Who can beat B Hop?

    He has the JUICE fountain of youth.

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    i hope not

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