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Our beautiful 5 year old Maltipoo, Cooper, died this week at the vet.?

Our beautiful 5 year old Maltipoo, Cooper, died this week at the vet. His death was due to an admitted error by the vet staff. It was 100% preventable. Cooper was the center of our lives. He gave so much love and joy to those around him. I felt as those he was made just for me and we had an amazingly close bond. I feel I will never be the same without him. I always told him "he was my heart" and that is what it feels like, my heart is gone. I feel like this pain will never end. And I feel guilty because I want it to end, like I am not missing him enough. Will I ever get through this?

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    I am so sorry for your loss. Sometimes it seems that the pain will never go away, but it does. And some day you will be able to think of your dog and smile at some remembered silliness . Some people go and get another dog right away, some people think they may never want another dog. You will do what is right for you. We all know that another pet doesn't really take the place of the first pet, but it does give you something else to focus on other than how much you miss your beloved baby. I inherited an older dog from a family member who died. When I got her, she was already 14. I had her for 2 years and then had to put her to sleep. She was 16 and sick, and it was the best thing for her...but I felt as if I was losing my family member all over again! But we do get through. I have another dog now...he is a silly clown and though I miss my old girl...and all the other dogs I had through the years...I am so glad to have met the one I have now. I hope someday you feel that way again! Good luck to you!

  • The pain will never Truly go away but it will fade in time. It may be too soon now but you may want to adopt another dog. Not a replacement dog though. No dog will ever replace your dog. But if you were to get another dog, it may help you get through the pain and make you feel happy again. Another dog may also take your mind off your dear Cooper if not just a little bit. I suggest a shelter dog so you could save a life. If Cooper loved you, and I know he did by the way you wrote, He would want you to be happy. I have lost many pets over my life and the pain is still there like an old wound but I have always had another pet before one passed away and it really helped a lot. I am really very sorry for your loss. I hope I helped

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    To those of us who consider their pets family, the loss of a beloved pet can be traumatic, especially when the death is sudden. The only thing that really helps the pain is time. Instead of dwelling on the pain and what ifs, try to remember funny things he would do and times you shared together...he obviously had a great family who I am sure showered him with love. As time passes, the pain will ease and your memories will be fonder. It is perfectly normal to want the pain to go away and you shouldn't feel guilty about it.

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    I'm very sorry for your loss, and though it seems like you will never mend yourself, you will.

    A few years ago, I lost my dog too, in similar circumstances and now I rarely even think of him being gone. We celebrated his birthday a few days back, and have a plant in our garden in his memory. It helps to have it there, and speak to it as though it's his soul within it. It may sound silly, but it really does help, especially at the beginning.

    As for feeling guilty, don't! You know in your heart that you loved him as much as you did, and surely he knew it too. This hard time will pass, and don't feel guilty when it does. He brought you joy and happiness, and you should let his memory continue to do so.

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    You will get through this period of sadness and guilt, but it will take time. We lost our little terrier/poodle mix last September as a result of veterinary indifference. The grief was overwhelming; we experienced a deep depression. We resisted suggestions that we get another dog, but we eventually decided to do so to ease the pain of our loss. Dealing with our new little puppy has kept us occupied, and she is delightful. We still mourn our little Ginger, whom we love with all our hearts, but we are beginning to remember her little antics and habits without having our hearts break.

    As you grieve, think of the joy Cooper brought to your life and the happiness and love you brought to his. You can take comfort in knowing that you did all you could reasonably do for Cooper. As for the guilt, please know that you are not responsible for others' mistakes.

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    My dog that I had since I was four (I'm 18) died February 25th. It is VERY hard to deal with. Especially since I had her for so long. Today, The little things set me off, but they pass quickly. It may take a while, but you will get through this. Take it from someone who lost their best friend of 14 years. I'm sorry for your loss. ):

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    Hun,It'll get better I lost my Puppy 4 months ago,it is SO hard for awhile...but once you cry and greive as much as you need to and give him a nice little grave(even if it's in your yard) and decorate it it'll me,good luck *Hugs*

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