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how do i open raw (cr2) files in photoshop cs3?

i have downloaded adobe camera raw but when i try to open my raw files in photoshop it comes up as cannon open because it is the wrong type of document. What can i do? is there somewhere i can download something for this? Please help!


I should have mentioned i need to open the image in adobe camera raw, how do i do this

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    You'll have basic editing software provided with the camera. If you want something more powerful then you either have to look at Adobe's Photoshop Elements (the latest 2 versions) or Corel's Paint Shop Pro X2 or later. That's pretty much it. The plug-in from Canon is os you can view your files in File Manager, it provides no further functionality.

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    A good software to edit your images is GIMP. The best free alternative to photoshop in my opinion. Grab it here http://j.mp/1zbmTRF

    Try it out


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