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which is the better brand? Hippo Or Zevo Golf Clubs?

im a little new to the whole golf scene and looking for a new set of clubs to upgrade from my older set. and i really like the two packages these offer and was looking for some advice thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well neither. they're both cheap and equally bad. for a beginner just get something that feels good to you. the feel is always the most important thing when buying new equipment

  • 4 years ago

    I have a 60degree hippo wedge and I love it, I get good spin with it and the weighting and feel is amazing. I am not a big person to be conserned with brand, I have a cer hybrid custom fit for me from golf galazy and I can shape and hit that as well as I would if it was a taylormade for 4 times more money. Other than drivers and putters your irons and feel clubs there are very little differences between a brand like maltby, cer, or hippo vs Nike, Taylormade or Callaway. It is all in your swing, your shot and what you feel comforable with. The grooves on most all clubs are about the same and you will get similar reaction, the pro's play the namebrand clubs but they are all custom fit for them, not you. The best set of clubs you will ever own will be ones fit for you by a professional no matter if it is CER or Hippo or Taylormade.

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