I need unique restoom names..you know like Cowboys, Cowgirls especially popular ones in the seventies?

I'm writing a paper and need names like that they used to use..."Senorita:, Senior'....Gents, Femmes.. if you get my drift...some bars used to have imaginative ones...THANKS

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  • 10 years ago

    This is kind of complicated but the best restroom names I ever saw were Boys and Girls.

    What made it interesting was they were right next to each other and on the sign that said boys was an arrow pointing to the girls. And on the girls was an arrow pointing to the boys.

    So in effect the door that said girls was really the boys, and the door that said boys was really the girls.

    It was quite amusing watching people go into the wrong restroom. Actually it was more amusing watching them come out after they figured out their mistake.

    This is in a bar/restaurant in Old Sacramento called Fannie Anns. It has been there for years.

    What an odd paper.

  • 3 years ago

    hi Ho Silver...... Away! LOL Chris LeDoux is the glaring answer to this one yet in addition evaluate: Ian Tyson is the suitable Canadian Cowboy Singer!!! Corb Lund has positioned some exciting stuff obtainable he has a tendency to pass into farmboy stuff that i like Allen Christie is one among my favs "previous Bronc Saddle" right here is lots of the lyrics as no longer too many human beings be attentive to of him: "nicely i've got in no way seen a pony that i could no longer survive yet i've got seen the underbelly of a bronc a time or 2 and that i've got been bit and that i've got been kicked and that i've got been drug alongside the fence a time or 2 i'm an previous bronc saddle 2 swells and a cantle A rawhide lazyboy i've got seen the Pengelly ponies and the C lazy S And the Northcott rank ones right here we pass now..." Marty Robbins - love the gunfighter ballads disc Micheal Martin Murphy "Morning holiday" Bellamy Brothers "Redneck woman" George Strait has some gooders- yet distinctive fulfillment interior the mainstream has him steerage far off from the stable cowboy tunes Tom Russell "Rambler Gambler" "this nighttime We holiday" "The Banks of the Musselshell" etc Gotta have Hank, Hank Jr and Hank III on the checklist "Texas women human beings" "Thrown Out of the Bar" Tom T corridor "i like Beer" Tom Paxton "Wasn't that a occasion" in case you don't be attentive to a pair of those songs/artists seem them up and supply them a try.

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    A very old... Aussie version. girls :sheilas guys: blokes

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    does and bucks

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