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Drug War in Mexico.

US government warned of the failed State of Mexico and failed State of Pakistan. If the two nations failed. There could be opic diaster.

Failed. Pakistan: Terrorist could get hold Atomic Bomb and Pop one into California, Texas, New York State or New York City. Not to mention india. china or japan.

Failed Mexico: USA could be flooded with millions million of refugees. With 10% unemployment in USA. will there be jobs for all.

Could the USA have a failed state south of the border.

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    I've done a little bit of research and here's what I've found.

    The minimum wage of Mexico is roughly 55 Pesos a day. That's like 4 American dollars... a DAY. Compare that to America's 7.5 dollars an hour.

    In Mexico, once you've reach an income of 91,000 Pesos a year, you are already at the highest tax bracket, 35%. 91,000 Pesos is roughly 7,000 American dollars. Imagine if you make 7000 dollars a year, and have to pay 35% of it in taxes. In American, you have to be making 375,000 dollars in order to be taxed at the 35% bracket. Mexico's income tax policy suppresses its people and keeps them from advancing very high in society.

    Just look at Mexico's underemployment rates, and you will see how this harsh progressive tax affects the country. Underemployment means people who are trained in highly skilled professions are working lower wage, unskilled jobs. This makes it harder on the common folk as well, because they then face competition.

    Carlos Slims is now the richest person in the world. Yup, the long time titleholder Bill Gates is now second. Carlos Slims owns much of the commercial world in Mexico. He owns almost all of the telecommunications and supposedly charges a very high price. Now I'm not saying that he is breaking laws, but if he were to own that many industries in the United States without competition, he would be violating every Antitrust law in the country. Plus, Mexico's economy would be in a better shape if there were more competition rather than a monopoly. There would be more jobs and lower prices for consumers (those who have studied Economics and know the difference between a perfectly competitive economy and a monopolistic economy would understand).

    As for the drug wars, it sounds pretty bad. Violence occurs daily. It sounds like the ongoing violence that our soldiers are experiencing in Iraq or Afghanistan. I don't think that it's just a war on drugs. I think it's almost a civil war. People are fighting against the government because they don't like how the government is doing its job. There's not a lot the US can do to influence foreign countries. If the US was to send its military into Mexico, I believe the military would be used to fight down the drug cartels, hence helping the Mexican government. I think if the Mexican government needs to be reformed, then it should be reformed. I don't think the US should get involved for the sake of "humanitarianism" and "protection of American interests" before it knows exactly what the situation is.

    I don't know what should be done. I don't know how the government works in Mexico, how laws are made and passed, how changes are made, etc (I guess I'll look into it). But I believe that the improve the conditions in Mexico, they need to help out the consumers and underclass workers more. They need to increase the yearly income needed for moving up to a higher tax bracket. In other words, their progressive tax is too harsh. It keeps everyone poor. They need to create antitrust laws to prevent monopolies from completely taking over the country without competition. I've also heard that Mexico's agriculture industry cannot compete in the world market because the United States subsidizes its own agriculture industry, purchases from them and sells the crops in the world market at a low price.

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    Mexico Failed State Pentagon Report

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    We are flooded with refugees now. And the biggest problem Mexico has with the drug lords is that the guns come from the US so we aid and abet the drug lords. We need to have tighter control on guns.

    there is also a problem there as some police are in cahoots with drug lords. And if they aren't they are in danger. They have killed many police officers and the chief of police of Juarez had to flee to the US because they were seeking his life. There was a high police official who was killed and then someone who works with my son was dating her and he was killed as well. My son works for a US company that is in Juarez. It is scary. It is not very dangerous in El Paso, not yet, but going across the border is. And it is spreading to other boarder towns and into Mexico City as well.

    first the US needs to stand ready to help and to stop the guns going south to Mexico first.

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    My very unpopular point of view is that along with securing the border we need to stop the want of illicit drugs. Demand creates supply never the other way around. I'm sure some economist out there will argue different. But the fact is that if people don't want a particular product they won't buy it.

    Our problem is that we want the product.

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    The mexican president called for the usa to ban all guns!!! In our country, HE WAS IN OUR CONGRESS AND ASKED CONGRESS TO BAN OUR GUNS AND THEY STOOD UP AND CLAPED FOR HIM!!! Supposedly it was because mexicans are getting there guns from usa witch is bull. If you did not know mexico has a gun ban law so law abiding citizens dont own guns and cant protect them selfs from the criminals that do. AKA the drug gangs. What can we do to help? Get rid of our guns? NO!!! Make drugs legal. If we wear to make drugs legal all the gangs in the usa and in mexico would fall. Less deaths and crimes and no people in jail for smoking a some crack or taking some x. Before the so called drug war less people did drugs. Now that their is a market for them they have exploded. Its just like hooch when hooch was in probation all the mobs wear born when proabition was gone so was the mafia. Right now Texas is the strongest state in America economically. I would not worry about terrorist, I would only worry about your own govt.

    The first time a president or vice president has ever taken over NORAD (made in the 50's) was 2 weeks before 9/11. Dick cheney (bushes 3rd cousin) ordered all jets to stand down, instead of takeing out the planes.

    Hear is all the articles explaining every thing that happend some of them are really old so they are archived. Andrews air force base is 15miles away from the pentagon.

    Another thing to look up is Norman mineta hearing dick telling people to stand down. Another thing to look at was that marvin bush George bushes brother was head of security for seceracom witch made him head of security for the world trade center and united air lines. DONT BELIVE ME LOOK INTO IT YOUR SELF!! I know its hard to grasp, it was hard for me to. No one wants to belive that there govt killed 3000 of its own people to go to war and fill there pockets with money, i know it sounds crazy but its the truth.

    So what do you think?

    (there is tons more evidence and pice of the puzzle then this)

    They said they never could imagen planes flying into buildings for a weapon, what lies they wear training for it in peticular, training for planes flying into the wtc and the pentagon.

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    JC is absolutely correct. If Americans would stop buying drugs, criminals would not sell them. An example of this is Prohition.

    Modern gangs did not invent the "drive by" shooting. People like Al Capone did.

  • Well, Canada does okay with a failed state to the south...

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