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GPS with canada maps also good for bicycling?

I'm looking for a portable GPS that I can use for driving in the US and Canada and can mount on my bicycle for road trips. I think the garmin nuvi 500 is good, but no Canada maps. Any advice?


I think the garmin nuvi 550 will do the trick! I don't care so much about elevation, but at least this one has CA maps.

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    You aren't going to find one device that works well for car and bike ... at least not at a reasonable cost. The Garmin Edge 705 is a well regarded bike computer/GPS/HRM that comes with Canada and US maps .... but is about $600 and not ideal for car use. See the first link for what MEC offer (including the 705) and the second link for a refurbished 705 at under $400. As you note most don't have Canada maps. That said, if you want Canada topo maps you can download free (3rd link) and load in Garmin car GPS's (like the 265WT).

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