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:::Ramadan::: How can people say stuff about babies and marriage?

How can some people say that they do not want to get married and cope with the “little noisy bast-ards” *babies* ?

A few days ago me and my friends where talking about marriage and they were all saying how they will never get married because everyone they know who is married is either separated, divorced or having an affair, which i thought was a horrible idea

How can people also say they never want babies? Like EVER. Saying they are nosy little annoying things that WRECK your life?

:( what are they sayinnnggg? That’s horrible!

I always watch baby videos on YouTube, and wallahi I get tears in my eyes – they are so innocent and pure and bring so much joy. Anyone would be lucky to have the ability and confidence to get married and have kids. How could you see them and say they are annoying and a burden?? :(

Just look at these short videos, don’t they make you just...? AAAHH :’(

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I dont care if they poop and wee and weep, and you have to wake up 3am - they are a blessing to have! :(

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    oh yes babies are so beautiful and joyess....and insha'allah i will have 10 at least but let me tell u have you thought about

    -the black stuff that comes out of them after birth.?

    -how extremely painful breast feeding can be?

    -waking up at 10pm, 12am, 2am, 4am, 6am to feed and let me tell you that babies can take up to an hour to feed and then 20 minutes to put to sleep so once done u have 40 minutes to sleep before the next feeding ????? CRAZY yea?

    -colic--------air stuck in lungs and baby screams none stop until sleep takes over them, then when they wake it starts over again.

    -ontop of all of this try and have yoour house duties in order sister,.... lol near impossible

    yes they are beautiful but oh dear plz be ready for it when it comes.... you will wish for an hour of sleep...or even just a showerr lol

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    Well, some people just aren't ready for all of the responsibility a baby brings. I don't see anything wrong with saying they don't like babies or never want to have any; it only becomes a problem if they think want a baby up to the point when they get pregnant and then realize that they don't want a one after all. Because we all know where that usually leads: the big A.

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    I dont see how this is related to Ramadan or religion at all. But one thing is certain, this situation is uncomfortable for you and it sounds like you got a creeper. File a complaint because this is sexual harassment because he is coming on to you. He started to write down answers on your paper?? yeah I bet he doesnt do that for anyone else in the class. Im sorry that you have to experience this creepiness but you can always file a complaint and try to get switched to a different teacher if it is possible. What he is doing he is unacceptable and you need to tell the administrators exactly what you told me on yahoo answers this story. If you have a hard time explaining stories then you should write this down on a piece of paper and just hand it to someone of authority and they will take care of you.

  • recreation of the last one >:)

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    I'd love to have kids, but only if I'm sure I've found the right person... I don't want to get an arranged marriage to someone I'm not sure I'd love. I want twins (boy and girl) InshAllah. It's cute to see how they interact with each other (like in ur vid)

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    I cant stand babies,not keen on older children either,am 45 and am delighted i do not have any of the horrible little things,hope to live another 45years without them as well.

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    People take marriage and the birth of a child for granted

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    well yes,children could be cute but also annoying.when they talk about this stuff they had thought about how children can be annoying,like waking you up at 3 a.m. same thing is about marriage.having a spouse might be joyful,but that also has its own bothers.

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