What is this evil corruption that is at the heart of things like the BP oil spill?

Its starting to feel like the USA is a cliche science futuristic science fiction movie where the world is controlled by big multinational corporations.....I am sorry it just feels like govts no longer run countries anymore with the good of all in mind....it just seems they are there as guardians and protectors of corporate profits.


think about it people....illegal immigration...who benefits? outsourcing of jobs overseas...who benefits? the tax policies of recent years and the record budget deficits...who benefits???

There is this evil lurking in the shadows...we keep talking about the symptons but not the disease itself.

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    10 years ago
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    not sure what corruption you are referring to. Could it be that the same govt that gave BP a safety commodation last year failed to do the inspections they are charged with? Govts should not run countries. They don't need to micromanage and put everyone into an ideological box in the name of control. Anything the govt runs is inefficient. We don't need guardians and protectors. BTW, when evil corporations lose their profits, who do you think will be employing people? The govt

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    10 years ago

    When you say starting to feel, do you mean relatively? Because it has been a while you play super bowl in arenas called Continental or Verizon or UPS Bowl but in original times they were called Peach Bowl and Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl.

    Every movie Hollywood makes is about corporation running the show while true heroes fight the system, but it is corporations who make money from people who pay just to watch the movie.

    If anyone believes Humble Pie and Purple Mountains with Fruit Grains anymore, they are locked up as rebel or outcast as neo-con barbarians living in the past.

    We all eat what we sow. Nobody cares, it is why nobody answer your question. :(

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    When you use terms like evil to demonize people or a company you make it hard to take questions like this seriously. Companies are made up of people. Some of those people in that company were the eleven who died on that rig. They were not evil, but as workers for BP this statement suggests that all of the company is evil and corrupt. I find it hard to believe that at the heart of all this from the heads of the company got up one morning and decided to have a company killing experience like the Exxon incident at of pure heart of darkness desire. So to answer your question. No. There is no evil lurking in the shadows. I think some respondents might think that, but they probably have a poor view of the world in general.

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    Know news channels and lame presidents politicize everything. they play on your fears. Why couldn't some come on the news and say. "hey, we have engineering mishap that is bad and could become very bad...we need help cleaing up some oil."

    BP didn't want this. They lose money. News media creates such hype. Death taxes killed the mom and pop stores. Democrats fear other peoples money and created behemoths like walmart because anything good had to be sold when your parent died...how lame...no my father and sons or locally owned business thanks to democrats and their death taxes....how can you pay 50% of your net worth if you don't sell your business...sell stock they say but who needs stock in a donut company...now we have 20000 dunkin donuts...liberals and libearl media create frustration and promote a sense of helplessness so you vote, stay afraid of business so they can go to Washington and try to get you something for nothing...there isn't a cool head in the place and you arne't alone...lots of people are like you...just not me...

    The evil is liberalism, fear mongering and the sense of helplessnes that liberal leaders want you to feel. don't you want your government to do something...give me a break.

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  • 10 years ago

    thats capitalism for you...

    but to be honest, the US gets money from the multinationals... and with the oil spill in paticular, theres going to be huge fines for BP, they aren't running the world because they're not getting away with it...

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  • 10 years ago

    I know how you feel sometimes.

    Who benefits from "family values" and a lack of abortions as well? Corporations. As your employable population increases, there will be more competition for the few good jobs out there. That means you can decrease pay without subtantially increasing work force. And there will always be a steady of supply of workers for the corporations this way.

    Also, increased population benefits supply side economics. More people to buy your stuff! More money for the company! Less taxes on the wealthy and corporations, but larger population to tax.

    And if they are paying to put these politicians in office, these politicians are going to always make sure that their needs are cared for first.

    Even colleges and universities are in on this in my opinion. Many countries have superior schooling that takes less time. Our university system is designed to keep people in school and paying them as long as possible!

    Face it, the only thing people in this country worship is the almighty dollar. The number of thumbs down show how much the truth of their hypocrisy hurts them. Was the Tea Party born because people were upset about religion or God being removed from schools etc? NOPE! It was born because people were afraid of losing their MONEY!!!!

    Source(s): ---- I don't think BP did this on purpose. But, if it's like the Valdez, they'll tie up the payments in court litigation until they owe next to nothing. That shouldn't be allowed to happen, but it does. ------ Callawake: you should really take a look at BP's safety record. It's horrible compared to most similar industries.
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    It only SEEMS that way because it IS that way...The disease is greed....And just like any cancer it will take over the good cells if given time...

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    LOL, so you've noticed. Did you know that the people in government who were supposed to be regulating oil drilling were having sex with industry representatives and blowing cocaine under Bush? That's how bad the Republicans have become. What I can't understand is why so many people vote for politicians on the right, who are in favor of this, rather than voting for liberals, who are opposed to it.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i do not see it, i recognize they have influence but you woould have to make a stronger case than you have. i am ready to be convinced. GO......

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