Weird & Strange Dreams...Analysis please?

I have had some weird dreams lately. I was wondering if you could help me interpret them ?

1) The first one was of a pond, with 2 fish in it. The pond began overflowing but no one seemed to care. The whole patio was flooded by the overflowing pond...what could this mean?

2) The weather forecast in real life for london is meant to be 27 degrees for tomorrow (sunday 23 may) yet my dream was about it snowing. On one side of the road was covered in a thin layer of snow, yet everywhere else seemed to be dry with no sign of icy weather conditions. What is this ?

As you can see, i have some very odd dreams. These are just some of the many i have experienced. If you can help, i really appreciate it. Thanks!

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  • 10 years ago
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    in the first dream the fish in the bond mean a prison and if you where there too that means you will be a prisoner ( not necessarily jail any prison),

    the second dream (alshaekh abn seren) said if you see a snow in place but not in the right time , thats mean you will get punishment from kind of judge.

  • 10 years ago

    One and two are of course connected.

    Let us begin with the figure of the fish in part one. The fish are quite obviously your parents, and the overflowing pond signifies how you feel about your parents: that they are very much an overbearing force in your life. The pond's flooding is obviously an event that "spills over" into a "house," the latter of which signifies your boundaries as a self. A flood is an inevitable event, once it starts. In the second dream you mention contradictory expectations--it is expected that the weather will be warm, and yet snow is forecasted. This type of contradictory expectation is typical of someone who is under the spell of overbearing parents; you believe you not only should be able to escape their yoke, but that you *can.* But when it comes to the reality of the situation, you clearly see that your expectation (reality=warm) clashes with another set of expectations (reality=cold).

  • 10 years ago

    Dream one could be you are having an intense relationship[2 goldfish],[circumstantially most probably from outside influences].

    Dream two is, as a person, you are not a follower, and rarely gullible. You like to keep an open mind about possible surprises in life.[snow]

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