15 year old girl lies and has sex with an 18 year old boy what could he face?

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A boy and a girl meet in March. He is 18 and she tells him that she is 15 going to be 16 in august. They do not have sex for the first time until December. Then he turns 19 and they ...show more
Update : OK one more piece of important info the girl said she will come forth and ...show more
Update 2: The thing about him knowing that she was 15 isnt the problem. they waited ...show more
Update 3: the whole problem with this system to me is the lying. im not saying the ...show more
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The girl is at fault here,the boys the victim.
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  • Mandy answered 4 years ago
    it don't matter lying or not the guy could face statutory rape charges and have to register as a sexual profile for the rest of his life not to mention jail time... but thats if they press charges and let me remind u the legal system is alot more in favor of women theses days
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  • car05161967 answered 4 years ago
    I went through Ohio's Revised Code and, just like you said, the key is the lying. In the timeline you gave, it is obvious the girl duped the guy by lying.

    Since she deceived him, she might be the one that is in a lot of trouble, not him.


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  • With her head in the clouds answered 4 years ago
    The guy would face statutory rape charges.
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  • Dragon'sFire answered 4 years ago
    probably jail time, depending on the state, and how good a lawyer he can afford.
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  • Bonnie R answered 4 years ago
    It happened to my nephew he got 33 yrs


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  • Norris724 answered 4 years ago
    Bottom line is, the Guy knew she was under age in the first place. she told him she was 15. that alone should be enough for this man to walk away. the rest don't matter. as the legal part goes. he can be arrested for sex with a minor. statuary rape. in the usa. anyone under the age of 18 is a minor. is a few states if a girl is 16, with parental consent. then she may have sex with a older person. from what you have said here, this man is facing a capital crime. if convicted he can get LIFE in prison. even IF the girls mother says it is ok. the law is very serious about this kind of crime. it would be a little different IF the girl had said she was 18. and then he found out she lied. he would some sort of defense. but as it is, this man is guilty. and there is about a 99% chance he would go to prison if arrested. good luck. hope this helps.


    Criminal attorney. 17 years.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    Its illegal to have sex with minors, but if he manages to prove that he didn't know he will probably be left in peace.
    see this link for detailed info
    (see if it applies to the place where he lives)
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