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Grammar: Working Experience

I have heard an English teacher said Working experience is wrong..

But another teacher said work experience is correct instead.

Are there any English experts could help me?



佢都係. 用 woreking experience..

都唔知邊個o岩 o既. 個個都講到兩個都o岩.....

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    Working(adj.) experience(noun).=工作的..經驗...... 這句最正確 .

    working是adj.正正式式 的形容詞.不是什麼gerund/present participle.

    .....gerund.只可作 noun=subject/object/complement. 不能作adj. 唔好誤會.

    n+n唔多妥. 不是兩個noun一起就是compound noun....否則adj就失去其意義.

    work(v. or n.) 不是adj. 因experience 是要被adj.去形容的.

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    working experience係錯

    work experience先啱

    因為work experience係兩個noun撞埋一齊 姐係compound noun

    而係冇working experience呢個字

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    It is good that you ask!!

    I am sure they are Both correct!!

    working experience

    working = gerund (not present participle------> not a function)

    another similar example= teaching experience

    work experience

    work= noun

    work experience ( jobs you have done/experienced)

    working experience and work experience are both correct.

    Actually in the past(in 60s) , working experience and not work experience is used.

    Nowadays, stubborn grammarians claim that work experience should be used.Frankly I have also yielded to these stubborn grammarians, for fearing that someone who knows little about grammar may say I write something wrong.

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