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    Einstein was a pacifist, he was friendly and affable man, but also humble maverick, which is widely respected. He sometimes talk about the jokes, and love sailing and playing the violin. He was still absent-minded professor, often forgetful, thinking to concentrate on the physical problems and ignore the world around. He was bit vegetarian. He said: "I think the vegetarian attitude toward life, but from a very pure physical state of equilibrium, so is ideal for human benefit of."

    [Edit] Religious views

    Einstein was Jewish, but he does not believe in Judaism, he believes that religion is the incarnation of childish superstition, he was only praise the beauty of the universe and nature. March 24, 1954, in reply to one of the workers, he said: "you read about my religious view is of course a lie, one to be systematically repeated lies. I do not believe in a personal God I have never denied that they have clearly expressed this. If in my heart what can be called religious, it is that our science can reveal the structure of this world the infinite admiration. "

    He also said (see "philosophy of life" (Living Philosophy) 13 stage, 1931): "We do not understand the knowledge of the existence of things and our sense of who we can accept the reasoning of the most profound and most beautiful sense of things constitute our religious piety. In this sense, but only in this sense, I am sure that religion. "

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