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京站時尚廣場Q square的故事展演是從交九案而起,當初營運團隊也因為「九」的日文發音近似英文字母「Q」,因此創延出廣場的英文名稱為「Q square」。

然而What’s Q?


Q square的軟、硬體處處可見用心,邀請到國際知名建築大師李祖原與頂尖設計師陳瑞憲,?賣場打造建築體和商業空間的設計相輔之下走進Q square是一個明亮、寬敞的舒適空間。





謝謝大家 :")


痾.....我希望不是GOOGLE翻譯的....因為滿爛的... 我是有查查找找的翻一些了 :"P


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    The Beijing station fashionable square Q square story performance is from hands over nine documents, initially transport business team because also “nine” Japanese pronunciation approximate English letter “Q”, therefore creates extends the square English name is “Q square”.

    Q represents is one kind of sense of reality (Quality) presents, Q is the extremely effective (Quick) service, Q is the Queen exclusive (Queen) heaven, Beijing station fashionable square beginning is lets the customer be able to have a brand-new state shopping environment.

    Q square soft, hardware everywhere obvious intention, invites world famous construction Master Li Zuyuan and apex designer Chen Ruixian? Sells the field making construction body and the commercial space design auxiliary under enters Q square is bright, the spacious comfortable space.

    The commodity surface is by “the food, the attire, the interest, tours” packs the subject, enables the different guest level to accord to his need, attacks and occupies consumer's gluttonous addiction, to buy comprehensively wants, to play the heart, the amusement, west, Japan, India and so on multi-country good food big confluence, meeting appointment new foothold.

    The greatly well-known design brand sylloge, walks popularly in most front end; The general merchandise originates the unique intimate underwear thermal region, tries on the clothing ultra to extend warmly; Complies with the tidal current the indoor bike path, the leisure amusement ultra comfortable; Environmental consciousness's ultra Q membership card, the shopping drinks to the dregs gives preferential benefit to good Kang; The expense tidal current emerging individual contribution, detonates the city life esthetics to be surprised.

    The Taibei office workers get off work the first station in the Beijing station fashionable square!

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    呵呵當然不是~老闆會這樣交代事情噢?! 天ㄚ那我英文要學好已被以後不時之需阿0.....

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