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What do you think of the gulf of Mexico?

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    It is tragic. The saddest part of all of this is the devastating effect this is having on the environment. This is going to take years to clean up. We will never learn though. I suppose one day when the Earth is filled with debree and our children are breathing through a mask, we may change our ways. Until then, we will continue to screw up the planet.

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    hurendous. just terrible. I can't believe the public isn't doing more. everyone including myself here about it and watch it on tv and shake there heads that not enough is being done. Were killing so much of the ocean and wild life and ruining our beaches etc.. and it will take eons to get back to normal if ever. The government isn'tdoing much either than saying he's displeased with fnger pointing. and I heard the worse scenerio for the pb company is they pay out 75 million and walk away . These disasters have to stop. drilling in the ocean and ship freighters sinking all this oil in the ocean its happened many times but does anyone learn. No. there only interested in the money it will make them.

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    That they should have plugged up the leak rather than letting BP try to get as much oil out of the ground as quickly as possible. With the limit to their liability and how fast it's gushing, they might actually make a profit off of this.

    Of course, the government should have been doing the monthly inspections so this disaster wouldn't have happened in the first place. But, the government is corrupt.

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    Seriously, I think the government was and still is, dragging their butts on this and it should have done something a month ago. Why not use ships with pumps and pump the crude into oil carrying tankers? Would that take away tankers from hauling regular oil, so they would lose money?

    Fill these tankers with water and oil, and allow the water to drain out of the oil ships, so that the oil remains behind in the tankers. Then haul it off and get rid of it or do something with it. But keep it off our shores.

    So what if it takes a few hundred tankers, it is better then ruining our lands, and killing our innocent birds and sea creatures and other animals.

    I get so angry when I think of these innocent creatures dying because we stupid humans, with all our intelligence, and we think nothing of our worlds creatures. We are the stupidest creatures on Earth, for all our intelligence. The more we learn, the more stupid we get.

    So why doesn't the government get involved, and help.? We bailed out the Banks, and bailed out the Car companies, we send money overseas, but we cannot do anything to help these creatures.

    BP set up one...ONE ....pumping station to pump oil one whole mile. Why only one and why so far?

    Why not three or five or ten pumps, and pump only a quarter of a mile or less?

    And why is there no one else doing something, like getting ships out there, pumping up the oil, putting down sand or sawdust or something, to soak it up.

    And why did we wait, before we did anything to our shores, to protect them from the oil? The first day after the so called "Accident", we should have started building some kind of barricade, to stop the oil from reaching our shores. If the oil never made it, so what, at least we would have been ready for it.

    I really do care about our shores, and I hate to see the damage that can be done to them, but not as much as I hate to see these helpless creatures that get caught up every time some oil related "accident" happens.

    In 1974, we suddenly had many oil tankers colliding, and oil was spilled, and oh, the price of gas went up. What a coincidence. We were running out of oil nation wide, gas was low supplys, we had to ration our gas. Why? We were told our oil supply was about gone.

    There was nothing wrong, we are still here, using gas, 36 years later. It was a farce!! So convenient for the large oil companies.

    This recent so called "accident" sounds fishy to me, and I thought so from the very first minute I heard of it. To me, it seems like it was done deliberately, so that oil drilling off shore could be stopped or delayed, for years. And at the cost of 11 or so people, and hundreds of innocent animals and birds and fish.

    But, then, that's my opinion.

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    10 years ago

    i think BP needs to clean it up then be finned out the *** till they cant stay open. But the real crime is obama doesnt do anything yea that makes sense he will bail out ford but he wont lift one finger to save to planet.

    Source(s): Obama seems like a worse and worse choice everyday
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    i think it should be put to better use. all that area, and really not even tiger woods plays gulf there.

  • 10 years ago

    its not bad. there are only 18 holes on that course though.

  • Lucero
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    10 years ago

    just another body of water.

    Source(s): hope the oil spill mess gets over with soon
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Well; I certainly won't be swimming in it for a while.

  • 10 years ago

    At least it doesn't squeak anymore.

    Source(s): Millions of gallons of BP crude oil
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