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this is why people need to stop saying Amare is a MAX contract player and one of the best PF..agree?

Amare is a great offensive player, that is w/o question, but he isnt a top 5 PF in the NBA. He shouldnt even have been a starter for the West All stars either. He is a average rebounder and average defender at best. I love Amare, he is a beast on offense, but thats about it. Look at his rebounding stats in these playoffs, in 12 playoff games he is only averaging 6 rebounds while playing 36 minutes a game. That will not get it done! Agree?






5. Boozer


hahaha did Barkley say that? I didnt hear that but its funny. Him and Dirk need to hit the boards more, thats for sure

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    I know not what to make of Amar'e, but I will comment on your list of "TOP PF's".

    First and foremost, it's not much of a secret that I have a moderate dislike for #41, but there isn't another PF in the league with his shooting range and rebounding ability. Therefore, I have no choice but to agree with you ranking him as the best.

    Secondly, Bosh isn't interchangeable with Gasol, but rather with Duncan. Gasol is marginally better than Bosh and Duncan, but the difference is noticeable. The same is not true of the difference between Bosh and Duncan at present because I'm not seeing it.

    Finally, your choice for the #5 PF is one with which I cannot agree. Based solely on talent, this spot comes down to your choice or Kevin Garnett. Factor in loyalty (or lack thereof, in the case of your choice), and the #5 PF is clearly Garnett.

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    I agree

    I mean Amar'e is a great player but the things I dont like about him are that

    -He has no post game. People take cheap shots at dwight about not having post moves but I rarely see Amar'e do something on the post.

    -Horrible defense. He can be a great defender with his athletic build but he is lazy and is horrible on pick and roll rotations and can easily get screwed on the post (Gasol is making him his *****)

    -Rellys to much on Nash, I mean seriously all most all of his buckets come from a good look from nash or another player.

    Also I like ur top 5 list, Boozer has been kinda underrated this season

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    10 years ago

    "you know what you call a power forward who averages 6 rebounds per game? a smaill forward" - charles barkley

    @ asker- hahaha he said that after tuesdays game on the inside the nba postgame show hahahh. i started cracking up

  • agree... And can you imagine him without Nash!? He would not even look as good on offense!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    So............what's the question? Oh, let me guess, more ranting of your basketball opinions without properly using the Question & Answer format.

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