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Is there a difference between Mexican Spanish compared to normal Spanish language?

I was just curious as to whether Mexican people speak Spanish differently compared to people in Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico etc?

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    Yes, and actually there are a lot of differences.

    One of them is that in Spain people say "Vosotros" when they talk about "all of you", and in Mexico (as in all the Latinamerican countries) it's used the word "Ustedes" that has a different way to conjugate the verbs.


    Vosotros sois = ustedes son

    There also are differences between these (Spanishes?) and the Uruguayan/Argentinian Spanish.

    There, people don't say "Tú", or "Usted".. they say "Vos", that also has a different way to conjugate the verbs


    Tú eres = usted es = vos sos

    Tú tienes = usted tiene = vos tenés


    Obviously there also is a very different pronunciation in each country, in Uruguay our lenguage is very.. mm.. "regular" (it's almost always the same) but in Mexico they talk like if they were "singing" (for us), and in Spain they talk like if they were punishing you or something :P

    And of course different vocabulary too:

    In Spain the verb "coger" means "to take something", but in Uruguay or Argentina, it means "to f*ck". In Spain "¡joder!" means "f*ck!" but in Uruguay/Argentina it means "to annoy someone" or "kidding".

    Source(s): Sorry if my English has some mistakes but I'm from Uruguay :)
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    It depends what you mean by "normal Spanish". The suggestion in your question is that, if the Spanish spoken in Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico etc, is "normal Spanish" then Mexican Spanish must be "abnormal".

    In fact Spanish is the same language wherever it is spoken; the accent differs from country to country, as does slang but other than that, a Mexican, a Spaniard, a Puerto Rican, an Argentinian and a Bolivian could converse without any difficulty or without any of them having to change they way they normally speak. On the whole, there is far less difference between the various varieties of Spanish than between English as spoken in the UK and in the USA.

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    Mexicans are right on good neighbors and ARE Californians and Americans! So Mexican has some USA influence (as do we in the USA), Spanish does not (Castillian or Peninsular) I am from ALTA California (USA) and I visit (or immigrate to) BAJA California (Mexico) often. The people and food are great. History Lesson:* 1804 - Alta California is organized under Spain 1821 - Mexican Independence 1848 - USA rules California Summary of California Governance: Spain: 17 years (plus the voyages leading up to it) Mexico: 27 years USA: 160 years Obviously and thankfully USA has owned ALTA California the longest giving Mexicans and USAns and common culture (remember we are both Californians and Americans and don't forget the Canadians who are American also!) *The current native Americans in CA didn't organize so sorry to leave you out but you also migrated on top of several other cultures also but there is no record.

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    yes, actually all spanish started in Spain, each country developed there own dialect and even different parts of mexico speak differently, so yes, puertoricans,cubans, mexicans, spaniards etc. all speak differently, though most are able to Communicate among each other, the basic idea is there its just a lot of words have been added or mean something different through out each country.

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    In general there is no real difference between Mexican Spanish and Spaniard Spanish. The differences that you would find are very minimal, though, like the accents or the different slangs (this pretty much applies in all the different countries that speak the same language.). It is pretty much like comparing American English with British English. Over time we pretty much just make the language our own, thought they pretty much remain the same.

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    Spanish is the same, but everyone has different slang. Sometimes a slang word from one country could mean something offensive in another. My dad is from Mexico and I know that in his town they speak a different sort of dialect. But other than that I think it's the same.

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    No, Spanish is Spanish no matter where you are. The only difference is the accent. Some word are different, for example Mexican call turkey (pavo) guajalote, people from Guatemala call a boy patojo, from El Salvador they call it chero/chera etc. If you speak Spanish you should be able to understand any nationality no matter where they come from.

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    If you are a lot more interested in studying to speak Spanish than read or compose it (they do teach reading through and creating but speaking is far a lot more heavily emphasized)

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    there´s no "normal Spanish" actually there are many accents inside Spain, i´m argentinian and i don´t speak like the northern provinces (which speak like bolivians or paraguayans), nor the western ones, the same happens in the states there is no american accent there are many.

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