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Is this one of the better Mayweather-Pacquiao articles you have ever read?

this is an excellent article. i completely agree!

Okay first of all. Let's set the story straight for everyone who doesn't know. Pacman says he doesn't like needles but yet he has tattoos! He says that Floyd is trying to get the advantage because he's bigger than me but yet he fights Cotto and Clottey (both of whom should be in like the 160 and above weight class and are much bigger than him and Floyd). Next he say's that he doesn't want to give blood because it weakens him; guess what, you regenerate blood that was lost from the body fairly quickly and your opponent has the same amount of blood drawn on the same day so there's no advantage! If you don't train harder than the other guy for the fight then you deserve to lose. Pacman turned down Mosley after Mosley met every outrageous demand that Pacquio's camp asked for (their excuse was that if Mosley didn't agree then they could say we tried to fight him but he doesn't want to come to terms and make himself look good) - too bad because Mosley agreed to every single term and Pacman still wouldn't fight him. He didn't want to fight the number 1 fighter in his weight class (and there was no extra testing for Performance Enhancing drugs or anything) but yet and still wants to call himself the P4P king. No way. He also wanted 10 million dollars for every pound that Floyd was over 147 for their upcoming fight and floyd agreed...but he didnt' want to give blood before the fight because he feels it weakend him. Now on to Floyd's issues - Floyd didn't fight Mosley within the last 10 years and can you blame him. They were in different weight classes for many years and floyd didn't move up to welterweight until November 2005 where he fought Shamba Mitchell. April 2006 he took two belts, the IBF and IBO welterweight titles from zab judah after zab lost the WBA, WBC and Ring Magazine Championships. He still fought him and won, then fought Carlos Baldomir for the WBC and The Ring welterweight championships in November 4, 2006 (the same guy who beat zab judah for those belts previous to facing Mayweather for the other belts earlier in the year). This guy hasn't ducked anyone. He's just like Manny in that he moved up in weight to fight better competion. He went from Featherweight all the way up to 154 to super welterweight and back to welterweight. Shane when they were suppose to meet but never officially put anything on paper (just here say and talk) wasn't even ranked as the P4P king or No. 1 fighter in his weight class. Now everyone's talking his age. He's 5 years older than Floyd, was rated as the No 1 fighter in the weight class (yes over floyd and both pacman) and No. 3 P4P in the world. So by waiting till he was No. 1 and 3 respecitvely, he just put himself in a position to be rated #1 in all boxing P4P lists. He just killed Marquez who moved up in weight to fight him and was the No. 2 P4P figher in the world (because pacman didn't want a third fight with him because it was a draw the 1st fight and controversial split decision the 2nd fight). Pacman didn't want to fight him again because he know's he can't beat this guy straight up and as many punches as he throws it's proven that Marquez will take this guy to town - so he refuses to fight him again even to this day (and Marquez is a big money draw and has the entire Mexican country behind him - hell he's the No. 1 Mexican fighter in the world while Pacman is the No. 1 Filipino in the world). Floyd has beaten everyone that was considered the best in all his weight classes and because he hasnt' foughten a few guys in welterweight everyone is trying to discredit what' he's done. Get a clue, look at all the fights over his entire career and what he's done. Why fight Clottey who's a nobody and not even ranked P4P or a contender for a title belt, Andre Berto is a champ but is young and unproven, so all he has is the belt but nothing to be gained from beating him (it's like picking someone off the street and beating him, what's it gonna do for your career). Once he fights Pacman and wins, will you give him credit as being the best then? He's the best now, in history based off his stats of each fight and how many times he hits without getting hit, he has the highest percentage of connection rate of any fighter alive past and present. Pacman (a slugger and not a boxer) beat ricky hatton (another slugger) in a swing fest (first person to connect to the other's chin wins the match because they both throw 100 punches and have no real skill or defense). Look at Clottey who just stood in the ring for 12 rounds against pacman and didnt throw hardly any punches (but pacman couldn't knock him out because of his defensive skills and chin like a rock). Same with Cotto - a 12 round TKO, go back and look at the fight - he could have lasted until the bell was over but the ref stoppe

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    Wow for the first time you are talking about boxing and not racial attack. BTW Pacquiao himself did not say that he is afraid of needles but Bob Arum is the one who said that. I also think that Cotto is a more worthy opponent than Mosley at that time simply because Cotto beats Mosley. BTW I would like for you to provide a proof or reliable link/video proving Mosley agreed to every demand Pacquiao asked. Yes Pacquiao ask for $10M penalty for every extra weight from Floyd because Floyd had proven cheating during his weigh in with JMM. The rest is nonsense.

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    The article in Vibe didn't say anything like that, that was some guys blog at the bottom. I don't think you know what you are talking about. They tried to get a fight with Marquez, but Marquez wanted a 50/50 split and that is no longer realistic as Manny has elevated past the sour grapes Marquez in the sport. Clottey wasn't a nobody when he was beating Corrales, Judah, and Baldomir(before the DQ), 3 of Floyd's best win. Sure they could have let the Cotto fight go on, but they also could have stopped it in the 10th, they could have let the fight with Oscar go on to, but what was the point?

    You ain't saying nothing new, just the same ol' stuff. If Floyd comes into the fight weighing what he agreed to weigh, then he loses no money at all. He set a precedent against Marquez for not making weight and they wanted to make sure he made weight. They didn't want Floyd's money, they just wanted him to do what he agreed to do in his contract.

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    surely i quite don't recognize. both are marvelous warring parties. Manny Pacquiao has tremendous speed and agility and has advanced more suitable suited accuracy which became shown in his strive against adverse to Ricky Hatton. Floyd Mayweather regardless of the undeniable fact that has tremendous protection and timing on punches and ordinary the more suitable suited boxer, even regardless of the truth that his fights are dull to visual show unit. If Pacquiao were to flow to brawling strategies, he ought to lose, coz Mayweather will seem for the slightest establishing to get the KO. yet another element is weight. Mayweather is amazingly delicate being a Welterweight, yet when Pacquiao adjusts to being a Welterweight then he can quite do a touch harm coz he were given speed. In a strive against like this, some thing ought to ensue. yet ordinary i flow for Pacqiuao in split selection. i'm Pacman fan.

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    way to build up the long awaited tention lol excellent make everyone wanna see that fight just an inch more whether people are rough or gentle about the situation

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    Money has stated that if Manny takes the tests, we have a fight.

    Every other fighter will take the EASY tests.

    Why does Manny want a cut off date?

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