can i put photos back onto an SD card from my laptop?

I copied my favourite photo of my baby onto my laptop from my digital camera SD card so it is stored on the desktop, but when I went into Boots to have the photo enlarged and printed from the SD card I found that it had been deleted. Is there any way that I can put it back on the card? or do I have to copy the photo onto a CD? if so how can i do that, I'm rubbish at computers. My laptop is and acer gold windows 7. thanks guys x

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    Sure, put the card back in your laptop and copy back the photos. You may have unintentionally moved instead of copying.

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    i think when u say u copy from your camera SD to laptop u actually did a move

    when u move files, they will get deleted after moved

    so u cant find it on your sd card anymore


    connect your sd card to your desktop and use copy command to copy them onto the SD card again

    this should allow u to use the sd card in Boots

    if u want, u can just copy the photo to a memory stick, Boots takes them as well

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    When you plug in your SD card, Windows will automatically assign it a drive letter. (D: E: or F:)

    and most of the time it will automatically open an AutoPlay dialog box. It is here when you should select the option to open the SD card folder for browsing.

    Once you open the SD folder, you should then look for your picture on your computer (Usually on the My Pictures folder) and copy it over the SD card drive. (Right click the picture, select copy, click on the SD card drive, right click, select Paste.)

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    1 decade ago

    Just put the card into the slot on the laptop. It'll show up as 'removable device' drive E: or F: or something like that. Copy the file from your laptop to that drive but into the DCIM\nnnnn100 folder

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    Yes you can, you just have to find the sd card in the navigation pane on the left of the creen when in the Libraries folder. Drag and drop photos into the DCIM folder of the SD card, okay?

  • 4 years ago

    Try updating your SD card reader's driver. Sometimes that can solve reading issues like that. If that doesn't work, or you have trouble trying to find it. Type in system information into the search bar that pops up when you click on the windows icon on the bottom left of the desktop. Click the system information icon that it finds. This will show you if you have any driver conflicts on your system. This will also allow you to update or reinstall those drivers if they are faulty.

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    Yep no probs, just plug your card back in (either in the camera or through a special drive, whatever you use) and then it is just like another drive on your computer. Open it up in My Computer and then drag the photo across. Job done.

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    Yes all you have to do is connect the card to your computer, and copy paste the file back to the card.

  • R.A.
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    1 decade ago

    insert it back to the reader or to your camera, then copy it back.. dont try to move the files or cut and paste, it will be deleted from the source, always use copy/paste..

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