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Where can I find the police radio codes list?

I just got an app on my Droid that works as a police, fire, & ems scanner AND IT ACTUALLY HAS MY COUNTY IN IT'S DATABASE, WOO HOO!!! I live in Grays Harbor county, WA and am trying to find the meanings of the codes they say. They don't use regular 10-codes (like 10-4, ok/received) but they say "4's" a lot. Like 474, 474, and they don't match much in the 10-codes list that I can tell... Anyone know how I can find out what The Man is saying? lol

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  • robert
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    along with using numbers from the criminal code they will also use their car numbers instead of their names, for instance the Chief of Police for the City near hear goes by "34" which is short for 13-34 which is his car. They also use a number instead of the City names, for instance the City I live in is referred to as 401, because it's where the County Court, Sheriff's Department etc. are all located at. The numbers all go up from here so the next closest city or town is call 402. They do this so they don't have a bunch of bored people with scanners following them around everywhere they go.Nothing against people with scanners but some just don't know how to stay out of the way.

    Of course they also use 10 codes and signal codes, like every other department. If you're never hearing any 10 codes then the department you're listening to may have just gotten in the habit of dropping the 10 and just using the last set of numbers in the codes, OR they are using their own set of codes. There is no universal set of 10 codes and they vary wildly from one department to another, so there's no real way to know for sure what that department is using.

    Edit: Jay makes a very good point. Departments are supposed to be slowly phasing out 10 codes and going to plain speech. One of the big reasons behind that decision was that there was very often a lot of confusion being caused because there was not one set standard for 10 codes. The list that Silvercharm has might be accurate in some places, but around my area about 1/3 of those are wrong.

    Source(s): 10yrs Living with and working closely with Law Enforcement
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    Source(s): Criminal Record Search Database -
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  • Luella
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    4 years ago

    Many departments use non-standard codes,but Radio Shack used to sell a small book of ten codes...don't know if the still do. A quick Google search would be better,

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  • 10 years ago

    Sometimes they will use numbers that refer to a section of the criminal code. Section 474 deals with counterfeit currency. Just a guess

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  • Jay
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    10 years ago

    What you are probably hearing are the car numbers. Police departments have been ordered to do away with ten codes and other codes by a certain time and speak in plain language. You will pick it up gradually.

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  • 10 years ago

    10-0 Caution

    10-1 Unable to copy -- change location

    10-2 Signal good

    10-3 Stop transmitting

    10-4 Acknowledgement (OK)

    10-5 Relay

    10-6 Busy -- stand by unless urgent

    10-7 Out of service

    10-8 In service

    10-9 Repeat

    10-10 Fight in progress

    10-11 Dog case

    10-12 Stand by (stop)

    10-13 Weather -- road report

    10-14 Prowler report

    10-15 Civil disturbance

    10-16 Domestic disturbance

    10-17 Meet complainant

    10-18 Quickly

    10-19 Return to ...

    10-20 Location

    10-21 Call ... by telephone

    10-22 Disregard

    10-23 Arrived at scene

    10-24 Assignment completed

    10-25 Report in person (meet) ...

    10-26 Detaining subject, expedite

    10-27 Drivers license information

    10-28 Vehicle registration information

    10-29 Check for wanted

    10-30 Unnecessary use of radio

    10-31 Crime in progress

    10-32 Man with gun

    10-33 Emergency

    10-34 Riot

    10-35 Major crime alert

    10-36 Correct time

    10-37 (Investigate) suspicious vehicle

    10-38 Stopping suspicious vehicle

    10-39 Urgent -- use light, siren

    10-40 Silent run -- no light, siren

    10-41 Beginning tour of duty

    10-42 Ending tour of duty

    10-43 Information

    10-44 Permission to leave ... for ...

    10-45 Animal carcass at ...

    10-46 Assist motorist

    10-47 Emergency road repairs at ...

    10-48 Traffic standard repair at ...

    10-49 Traffic light out at ...

    10-50 Accident (fatal, personal injury, property damage)

    10-51 Wrecker needed

    10-52 Ambulance needed

    10-53 Road blocked at ...

    10-54 Livestock on highway

    10-55 Suspected DUI

    10-56 Intoxicated pedestrian

    10-57 Hit and run (fatal, personal injury, property damage)

    10-58 Direct traffic

    10-59 Convoy or escort

    10-60 Squad in vicinity

    10-61 Isolate self for message

    10-62 Reply to message

    10-63 Prepare to make written copy

    10-64 Message for local delivery

    10-65 Net message assignment

    10-66 Message cancellation

    10-67 Clear for net message

    10-68 Dispatch information

    10-69 Message received

    10-70 Fire

    10-71 Advise nature of fire

    10-72 Report progress on fire

    10-73 Smoke report

    10-74 Negative

    10-75 In contact with ...

    10-76 En route ...

    10-77 ETA (estimated time of arrival)

    10-78 Need assistance

    10-79 Notify coroner

    10-80 Chase in progress

    10-81 Breathalyzer

    10-82 Reserve lodging

    10-83 Work school xing at ...

    10-84 If meeting ... advise ETA

    10-85 Delayed due to ...

    10-86 Officer/operator on duty

    10-87 Pick up/distribute checks

    10-88 Present telephone number of ...

    10-89 Bomb threat

    10-90 Bank alarm at ...

    10-91 Pick up prisoner/subject

    10-92 Improperly parked vehicle

    10-93 Blockade

    10-94 Drag racing

    10-95 Prisoner/subject in custody

    10-96 Mental subject

    10-97 Check (test) signal

    10-98 Prison/jail break

    10-99 Wanted/stolen indicated

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