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請問Enlightenment Ideas在美國獨立戰爭前後怎樣影響了美國殖民?

請列出有關的Enlightenment Ideas及enlightenment thinkers。


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    I Believe that the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening was a trigger for the American Revolution. The American Revolution (1175-1783) was based on Independence. This was a war that started between England and the thirteen colonies. This war actually finished with other countries being involved as well, such as France, Spain, and the Dutch assisting in the efforts with the new United States of America. This revolution was started because the colonists rejected the rights of Parliament of Great Britain to govern them without representation. This misrepresentation was a violation of the rights if an Englishman.

    In the Enlightenment, were people who believed that you could use the methods of science to make improvements in the society. They believed that through reasoning and your natural right, people could solve any social, political, or economical situation. There were people who thought that a perfect government needed to have freedom of speech and religion. Others believed that the best government used Popular Sovereignty or a vote by all the people. A man by the name of Denis Diderot had written a series of encyclopedias that has many of the Enlightenment ideas. He explained in these encyclopedias that people need stop thinking in the old ways and start thinking in new ways about the government, philosophy, and religion. His ideas could have been a contributor to our government now.

    The Great Awakenings major effect was a rebellion of the religious dominance which ended up being incorporated into politics. The way of thinking in life was changed by certain people like George Whitfield spreading their message of religious freedom. This way of thinking actually caused the groups who dominated early in the colonies to drop in popularity.

    In England the coffeehouses and the newly flourishing press stimulated social and political criticism, such as the urbane commentary of Joseph Addison and Sir Richard Steele. (To be continental

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    Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope were influential Tory satirists. Lockean theories of learning by sense perception were further developed by David Hume. The philosophical view of human rationality as being in harmony with

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    the universe created a hospitable climate for the laissez-faire economics of Adam Smith and for the utilitarianism of Jeremy Bentham. Historical writing gained secular detachment in the work of Edward Gibbon.

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    There were several thinkers that influenced the American Revolution. Some of them are John Locke, Algernon Sidney, Samuel Rutherford and others. These people also inspired the writer of the Declaration of Independence; Thomas Jefferson

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