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1.mount up 增加 something back 償還 up 還清

4.pencil something in 先寫下

5.phase comething out逐漸消失

6.pick up 改善

7.pull out 撤走

8.put something in 提出

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    1.mount up 增加

    If you keep buying unnecessary stock, it will mount up very quickly.

    如果你一直買不必要的庫存,累積起來是很快的。 something back 償還

    Before we extend your loan, you will have to pay something back.

    在我們延長你的貸款之前,你必須先還一部分。 up 還清

    You need to pay up your debt before we can extend any credit line.


    4.pencil something in 先寫下

    Let's pencil in our appointment for next Monday and confirm again on Friday.


    5.phase comething out逐漸消失

    It will be easier to phase out the brand name instead of pulling it out immediately.


    6.pick up 改善

    Our cash flow has picked up recently.


    7.pull out 撤走

    If we don't start making money, all the investors will pull out.


    8.put something in 提出

    I would like to put something in this proposal so our company may look better.


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  • 1 decade ago

    1. When the stock mocket rises again, our profit will mount up.

    2. When you walked away with my business, i swore that you will someday pay me back.

    3. Please pay up your debt, you have been delaying for three months.

    4. Please pencil something down some ideas, then we will discuss it.

    5. that phrase doesn't make sense maybe it's <fading out>?

    6. Please pick up you bad work, you are close to being fired!

    7. Pull out that document, this case is closed.

    8. doesn't make sense

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