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Why is everyone downplaying the oil spill?

The oil is gushing into the gulf at an unknown rate... the images of this thing are disturbing... and there is no end in sight..... so my question really is.... what are the long term affects? I mean.... if it never stops, is the entire ocean going to be oil? How does this affect rain and weather conditions? Could the oil that surfaces catch fire due to heat or lightning? Anyone else have any ideas regarding this situation? And how is it going to be stopped?

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    The last one there in the 60s was just as bad and had few lasting affects.

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    How does this affect rain and weather conditions?

    Atlantic hurricane season starts next month ( June 1 to November 30) . If a tropical storm or a hurricane come to the gulf of mexico, the oil spill will be spread throughout the gulf because the strong winds and heavy rain. Most likely the oil spill will come into the gulf coast beaches and further inland because of the storm surge of a tropical storm or hurricane.

    What are the long term affects?

    Alot of folks in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama & Florida Panhandle love seafood, it will mess up the seafood businesses along the gulf coast because it will be less tourist and it will destroy the wildlife of animals, and the economy.

    if it never stops, is the entire ocean going to be oil?


    Could the oil that surfaces catch fire due to heat or lightning?

    I'm pretty sure it will catch fire.

    Anyone else have any ideas regarding this situation?

    It's so far underwater that the only way to access the leak is by robotic machine.

    And how is it going to be stopped?

    I heard they plan to drill some type of relief well that supposely stop the oil spill but it would take a few months to fix it.

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    The oil spill is being downplayed because it happened on Obama's watch.

    The spill will be stopped eventually; within a couple of months at the latest; but that still leaves a lot of oil on the loose.

    Much of the oil will be degraded by bacteria before it ever reaches land. But it is still harmful to sea life. This decomposition uses a lot of oxygen and thus may kill fishes and other sea animals.

    Even if the oil gushes until the well runs dry, it won't fill the ocean. I assume that this is a very good well, or they wouldn't have put so much money and effort into developing it so far below sea level. This suggests to me that, if not closed, it could keep gushing for many years.

    I assume the surface oil could indeed catch fire if hit by lightning. In some cases, oil spills have been set on fire deliberately to get rid of them; but in the case of a large spill, this would not be practical. Too much smoke.

    I doubt that weather would be significantly affected; I can't think of why it would.

    Of course the fishing industry is already negatively affected, and fragile marine habitats are in danger.

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    I'm not downplaying it. For the record I'm saying it can't be stopped. It was bad enough when men first split the atom, they had no idea whether there would be a chain reaction that would destroy the universe, this is about the same mindset.

    I'm telling you, unless we, as a nation get down and pray, we haven't a chance. Yes, God has left us to our own devices, today we insulted him by announcing we have created a living cell, which reproduces itself, and soon we will not need a blessed union to produce children, just book in at the sperm bank. We have lost it and he's cranky.

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    Could it be because our government it the blame for the spill? The lease come with a contract that specifies what you can and can't do, what you will and will not do. Money from lobbyist can easily change the whats and in this case they were changed.

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    Because the lame stream media does not want to tarnish Obama if they do not have too. Once the full extent of the damage is known, the media will be forced to show the damages.

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    They don't understand how bad it is because most of it hasn't reached land yet. Once it starts turning all of the beaches black and slippery and they start showing pictures of dying sealife people will start to understand.

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    You're seeing Public Relations at work.

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    Denial-with help from the media that refuses to research what a devastation this is.

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