Your fav JCPenney Brands?

What do you think of these latest JCPenney brands designed by some popular - well known designers? Going high end huh?

*Nicole by Nicole Miller

*Joe by Joseph Abboud

*American Living by Ralph Lauren

*Allen B. by Allen B Schwartz

*Bisou Bisou by Michele Bohboht

*Liz & Co. by Liz Claiborne

*I <3 Ronson by Charlotte Ronson

*Olsenboye by the Olsen Twins

*RS by Ryan Sheckler

*Fabulosity by Kimora Lee Simmons

*Sephora boutique

*MNG by Mango (Coming in the fall 2010)

*Cindy Crawford

Which is your top pick?

I know they have way more like St. Johns Bay, Stafford, East Fifth, Decree, Worthington (which is in the top 10 womens apparel), A.N.A, Arizona. But I thought I'd name off the ones that I know who designs which and which are the newest to the gang


Why gross? Half of Americas families shop at JCP..

And yes theyre still in business.. they've been in business for the past 108 years! And they're still growing.. They opened a store right in the heart of New York City during the Great Recession! What does that say? They've expanded their Sephora inside JCPenney openings to a count of about 200 now and planning on opening another 50 for the year! Their revenue is around 18-20 billion a year. They have wonderful cash flow and have never been bankrupt such as other companies like Kmart Boscovs and Macys which had a net income of NEGATIVE 5 billion for 2008! I don't get why people get surprised by JCPenneys success? Plus, they were the first retailer to pass the 1 billion dollar mark with annual internet sales - they have the largest catalog business.

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    to the person who said gross:

    jcpenney has tons of stylish clothes, and theyre the same quality as high end stores for a fraction of the fact, lots of their merchandise is IDENTICAL to macys, for like half the price, and often times theres sales on top of that already low price

    and to the person who was surprised theyre still in business:

    theyre far from going out of business, in fact, theyre NOWHERE NEAR going into debt...they have billions of spare money sitting around...the recession hasnt effected them at all...and as the asker said, theyve been around for a very very long time...and also as she said, theyre online catalog is insane...over 200,000 products...

    now to the askers question, i LOVE nicole! i just bought a pair of their dress pants and they are every bit as good as worthington...

    the ryan scheckler brand is im sure really popular

    and i KNOW the sephora one has sent sales through the roof!

    i think it was so smart of them to incorporate all these new younger brands...cuz while st. johns bay has been a major brand of theirs its not exactly trendy...

    and im surprised how trendy some of their worthington stuff has gotten...i shopped their the other day, same with east fifth...LOVE THEM!

    but yea, the new brands are awesome!

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    1 decade ago

    They are still in business? Wow

  • MCA
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    1 decade ago

    gross, i don't shop at JC penney

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