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United nations security council?

i know that the security council has 5 permanent members and 10 non-permanent members. i was just wondering, what are the special powers that the 5 permanent members have (that the non-permanent members do not have)

thanks for your help :)

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    The permanent members have the power of veto.

    From the link below

    "The veto is a special power that allows a country to block any decision that the security council is voting on. All they have to do is vote against it."

    "Why can they do this? - These countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council. They got their power of veto because they were important in 1945. This is when the UN was set up."

    "Is it fair? - Lots of countries say it is not fair but there are two big reasons why it stays like this.

    1. Money -The five permanent members pay for nearly half the cost of running the UN - even though there are 191 members.

    2. Rules - If you had a vote on getting rid of the veto - the countries with a veto could veto it!"

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    They have a veto, that means they must either agree or abstain for anything to pass the UNSC.

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    they have veto power which means they can fail any resolution to be passed.

    Source(s): MUN pro :)
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