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What does v. mean in the fourth Princess Diaries book?

I just started reading it today and she keeps writing it. I always thought it meant versus, but that doesn't makes sense in those sentences. Also why is Prince William sometimes referred to as Wills?


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    The "Wills" thing is just Meg Cabot's style/ Mia and company being a teenager type deal. A lot of times, fans give celebrities nicknames, like Robert Pattinson being called "RPatz" or Elvis being called "The King". Likewise, some people call Prince Williams "Wills" or other nicknames when tlaking about him. Cabot uses the name to make her characters seem more like real teenagers who would do that sort of thing.

    As for the "v" thing... I don't have the book right now and can't quite remember, but I'm pretty sure she uses it as an abreviation for "very". She does that in quite a few of her books. Is it stuff like "am v. v. excited to see Michael tonight"? If so, then yeah, it's short for very.

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    You are NOT crazy! I was dumb-struck when I saw the movies after reading the books. It was crazy! The only things that stayed the same was the main story line, how a girl finds out she's actually a princess. I don't get why they changed the plot so much, but it wasn't that bad. The movies were good. And the books were good too, so I'm not complaining.

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