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motels with weekly rates in kansas city mo..?

in kansas city mo. mostly on the north side of kansas city mo.

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    There is a lot of weekly motels on Independence AVE. Also one at 8th and Cherry downtown. For more upscale accommodations try the various value places all over town also the super 8 in Smithville. You could also do a search on craigslist for weekly under apartments for rent. http://kansascity.craigslist.org/

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    DO NOT go to A1 Motel! You will be eaten alive by bedbugs! Absolutely the worst experience i have ever had. I was robbed, assualted, and defrauded all by staff members their on three different occassions. Try the Capri MOtel. Its decent, plus get the kithentte and you get to rooms in one. Stay away from capital inn also. pure garbage.

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    Craigslist.org Kcmo

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