What is a main thesis or the main point for the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

Can i get any info about the main purpose for the play or how did John Proctor and Elizabeth change throughout the play?

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  • 10 years ago
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    The main theme is how mass hysteria (i.e., events being blown out of proportion) can adversely affect a community and destroy lives. Miller was comparing the hysteria at Salem and its disastrous results to Joe McCarthy and his hunt for Communists in the 1950s. Both events were blown out of proportion and ruined numerous lives.

    The John and Elizabeth Proctor characters, as well as others in the play, were only loosely based on the actual people. But as for how the Proctors changed during the play, both characters recognized the error of their ways, i.e., John's affair with Abigail, and Elizabeth's realization that she was at least partially to blame when she said, "It is a cold house I have kept." But their undoing was when Elizabeth betrayed her personal and Puritan convictions and lied to the court about John's affair with Abigail. Had she not lied, neither would have been convicted of witchcraft, and with Abigail's having been revealed as a harlot, the witch madness would have ended. During the McCarthy era, the government often badgered people suspected of being Communists into naming others and many people betrayed their personal convictions, as did Elizabeth in the play, with equally disastrous results.

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    4 years ago

    I read a little about it. One story that stuck in my mind was this one about a girl that lived in Massachusetts. She looked at a cart as it was going down the road, and it crashed. All the logs fell out, and the people standing nearby said that she was a witch because she just happened to look when it happened. Kinda screwed up. People tend to rush to judgment, and when in fear will do complete irrational things. Another good example of this would be Nazi Germany. Witch trials started in Europe. If you would like to read some more history, you can try that.

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