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Is it 'OK' to give my leopard gecko calcium with D3 added?

I wanted to know if it's alright to supplement my Leo gecko with D3 calcium do they need it ? Or no since they are nocturnal

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    D3 is a vitamin added to calcium for reptiles is to aid in the absorption of calcium. Most animals that get sun don't have to worry a lot about vitamin D3.

    It's a must for noctural animals in captivity and a real, real good idea for even diurnal animals, like BDs since UVB bulb are NOT the sun and can only do but so much.

    So - yes, it's a must for your Leo. If he's a baby, he should be getting D3 calcium 3-4 time a week. If he's a juvenile, he should have it on 2-3 meals a week. And if's he an adult, he should have it 1-2 time a week.

    Calcium withOUT D3 should be in the habitat at all times, so the Leo can take it when he feels the need. D3 should be in his system so he can process the calcium without D3 on the days he's not getting insects dusted with the vitamin. As with any vitamin - too much can cause problems. Not enough is worse problems.



    It's not hard to give your pet what he needs. D3 is one thing he needs, but not daily. Calcium IS something he needs, and needs to be able to absorb and use.

    As well as calcium and calcium D3, you should be providing a good multi-vitamin like Rep Cal on about the same schedule as the D3.





    Whatever its age, enjoy your pet.

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  • yeah it would be just fine i give it to mine.

    i find it allot more easy to cut out the bottom of a cup so it will fit in a corner and won't take up allot of space make sure she knows where it is. fill it with a small amount of calcium powder and she will lick the right amount she needs this way you don't have to worry about overdose just make sure it don't tip over and spilled they also sell little dishes for the calcium at pet stores make sure the powder is free of phorpous (i think thats how you spell it) and has D3 and you will be good to go!

    Good luck i hope this helps!

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    Yes they need it. Once a week. Otherwise it needs to be WITHOUT D3 the other 2-3 times. D3 helps them take in without D3 and they DO need it. But if given to much they can get a over dose and could die. Signs of this are similar to MBD.

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    Yes, It's ok.... It's actually good to dust their crickets or mealworms with a powdered multivitamin nutritional supplement. I found this out recently when my Leo had been having problems with not being able to shed the skin in his eyes. He had stopped eating completely and always had a gray cloudiness in his eyes that I later found out was a layer of skin that usually comes out when they shed. In researching, I found out that sometimes a vitamin deficiency will cause this to happen so I've started dusting his mealworms twice a week with Reptolife plus powder and it has helped! The skin in the eyes is a common problem with Leos so it would definately be a good idea to dust his food, but not more than twice a week. Good luck!!

    P.S. Just to let you know... If you feed yours crickets, be careful not to put more than they will eat at one time because crickets will attack a lizards eyes! My vet told me this so I've kept mine on a diet of mealworms only. Who knew?!

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