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What would you like to ask?closest beach to philadelphia?

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    Let's start with the closest part.. Driving distance is pretty easy to figure. All of the New Jersey beaches are much closer to Philadelphia than the Dealware beaches, and much, much closer than Ocean City MD. If you don't believe, check a map.

    Now to refine the "closest" part, there is no doubt that Atlantic City (and it's neigboring towns, Ventnor, Margate and Longport to the south and Brigantine to the north). is the closest highway trip thanks to the Atlantic City Expressway. The next closest would have to the the towns on Long Beach Island (Beach Haven Ship Botton, Surf City, Harvey Cedars etc.). The next closest are the Cape may County resorts: Ocean City NJ, Strathmere, Sea Isle, Avalon, Stone Harbor, the Wildwoods (North Wildwood, Wildwood, West Wildwood and Wildwood Crest) and Cape May.

    . If you will be a "day tripper", or a "shoobie" as we call them, Atlantic City and the Wildwoods are the best. They may not be real classy, and much more urban than the other places, but, they have free beaches. In the other towns, you have to pay a 'beach fee" or buy a "beach tag" to go on the beach. They are also VERY tourist oriented, and offer more food places close to the beach and even more important, bathrooms.

    If you want to see beautiful people, they all have great "eye candy" in the Summer. The folks on the beach just tend to be a lot richer in Longport, Avalon and Stone Harbor.

    The beaches are the cleanest in Cape May County and there is little or no pollution in the water (when there is, they shut the beach down). I have my personal favorites, for lots of different reasons. I like Avalon, Stone Harbor and Ocean City. Of the three, OCNJ is much more tourist friendly and has a great boardwalk for kids (or adults). The only down side to OCNJ is that it is a dry town (no booze - even in restaurants).

    For surfing (if that matters to you) the best is Sea Isle. It not only has pretty good breaks, but it also has the most beaches where they alllow you to surf during the Summer season. Ocean City would be second place on that issue.

    Well good luck picking a beach. I am a native Philadelphian, and have been "going down a shore" since I was an infant. South Jersey is "where it's at".

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    Atlantic City is pretty much the fastest one to get to because there is a direct route (AC expressway). But it's not a nice beach. You have many choices that are easy to get to - Wildwood, Ocean City, Avalon, Sea Isle, Cape May, Margate, Ventnor... they are all about the same travel time give or take 15-20 minutes depending on traffic.

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    Cut across Jersey and you're at the Atlantic ocean. Here's a link:

    Source(s): Grew up in Lancaster PA, Summered in Wildwood NJ
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    go to jersey and u find allot of beaches

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    prob lbi

    Source(s): like 15 mins from philly (in south jersey) and about 40-45 mins to get there
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