what relevance does the myth of demeter and persephone have today? how is it reflected in our own society?

i am talking about the myth of hades and his abduction of demeter's daughter, persephone.

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  • Lilitu
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    10 years ago
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    For me this tale represents strongly the topic of death and ressurection. (Persephone dies and is returned upon the living)

    The death and ressurection of Jesus is in a way an interpretion of persephones and demeters myth. In Jesus death and his ressurection the world is born anew according to christianity. The theme of death and ressurection is a common topic in various dramas, books films, stories and fairytales. Of course not everybody dies in bodily - often it is allegory, but it seems to be a universal wish in mankind that there is something after death, and that after whatever hardships there is a new dawn.

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