When the media reports on a crime, they never mention the immigration status of the suspect. Why is that?

I've noticed this ONLY when someone gets arrested again and the report says they were deported back to Mexico after the first time they were convicted of the same crime, usually a violent crime like murder.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In most cases, how would the media know someone's immigration status? It's not public record. Imagine being a reporter. You get a police report that someone was arrested for robbery. It does not state the person's immigration stats. Your deadline is in 45 minutes, and you just don't have time to research this man's family history. All you can say for sure is the guy was arrested and charged with robbery.

    As a reporter, I find it hard to believe there are many newspaper editors that, if the police report stated the person arrested was here illegally, would not think it worthy or a mention. So if you don't see it in the paper, just realize there isn't a magic number to call and check immigration status.

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    1 decade ago

    I think its ethical reporting since always telling the immigration status may encourage even more stereotyping, and you know the media is solely blamed for this.

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