In Desperate Housewives what happened to Mike's crazy son that was adopted?

What happened to him after he held Susan hostage?

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    The character's name is Zach Young.

    After Zach held Susan hostage, Mike came home and Zach ran out of the house. He then went missing for a spell, and Mike and Susan go looking for him where Susan eventually spots him in a park. Zach tells Susan over lunch that he is hoping to reconcile with her daughter, Julie. Susan is spooked by this and she suggests that Zach go to Utah to find Paul and gives him money to do so. Paul comes home and is livid that Zach is missing, however, Zach returns home shortly afterward having not been able to find Paul after leaving town. They reunite.

    Months later, Paul is framed for the murder of Felicia. Paul begs Zach to ask Noah (Zach's grandfather) for money to pay for a good lawyer. Noah laughs at Zach's request for money and denies him telling him that he wont get a cent because he lacks courage. Zach then turns off his grandfather's respirator and inherits his vast fortune. He then decides he wants nothing to do with Paul and leaves him rotting in prison.

    Zach isn't seen after that until season three when he goes on a date with Gaby, whom he has been semi-stalking. Zach gets Gaby drunk and Gaby wakes up the next morning with Zach in bed with her. He claims they had sex. Gaby freaks out. Gaby asks her then ex-husband Carlos to put the fear of God into Zach. Carlos finds out that Zach is so well-endowed that Gaby couldn't possibly have forgotten having sex with him. Gaby lectures Zach about how to properly treat ladies and how to behave towards his friends.

    That's the last we see of Zach.

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    Zach Young Desperate Housewives

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    In Desperate Housewives what happened to Mike's crazy son that was adopted?

    What happened to him after he held Susan hostage?

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  • Martha
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    Hes in a coma for like 8 months and then he wakes up and goes home. Susan was by his side for many many months, then "falls in love" with a man there at the hospital whos wife is also in a coma. They are now planning to get married. Mike starts to remember things...he goes to jail for a murder, later we find out he had nothing to do with it and is freed. The hospital calls him to get his things and he dicovers the engagement ring he bought for Susan the night he was hit. Theres alot going on. Its really good. Last night him and Ian were playing poker and they bet if Mike wins he can tell Susan and if Ian wins he keeps his mouth shut about the ring. It doesn't show who won, but when Ian gets home Susan ask how was it and he said I won. SO who knows

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    he goes into a coma and then susan falls in lovew/ this guy named ian,and then mike doesnt care 4 susan anymore and then edie tricks mike to likin her then they go out adn then they break up cause mike goes to jail cause they think he killed moninique and then he gets out cause suan and ian helped him and now mike wants susan back but shes engage 2 ian but it was mike's ring and mike gettin his memory bac and push orson off a hospital buildin

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    He ran away to find his dad in Nevada or Wyoming or something. Then they ended up moving back to the neighborhood. Then he met his dying grandpa who left him his huge company making him very rich and he ends up going on a blind date with gabby! Ha ha.

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  • Joma
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    He became rich after inheriting money from his real grandfather. (His real mother, Deerdra's, father). After that, he really just drifted off the show.

  • I think he moved back with his Dad. And they moved away?

    Not quite sure.

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