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Russian Revolution Research Paper?

Can someone help me find good legitamite-for-research-paper websites with good infomation on Leon Trotsky? I have found Stalin and Lenin but still need Trotsky. Just Websites please, It'll be great if you can find one with interesting facts on him. Thanks :D

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    Robert Service's masterful "Trotsky, A Biography" is available on Google books. It is a comprehensive biography, from his childhood in southern Ukraine, through exile to revolution, power, exile and death.

    The Trotsky internet archive at Marxist.org is a superb resource for all his works and ideas, as is the information at trotsky.net.



    Interesting facts:

    His birth name was Leiba, not Lev or Leon.

    He took the name Trotsky from one of his gaolers.

    He had four children, two each by his two wives: Nina and Zinaida by Aleksandra

    and Lev and Sergei by his second wife - Natal’ia

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    For more information on the Russian Revolution and Leon Trotsky, see:


    Marxist Internet Archive

    Good luck, scholar.

    Source(s): www.soviethistory.org www.marxists.org
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