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Did Hitler himself ever kill a Jew?

I am just wondering for sake of historical fact. (And yes, I am talking about Hitler—the man himself—killing a Jew, not ordering it to be done.)

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    No. Hitler himself never personally killed anyone. He was averse to the sight of blood, which was part of the reason he was a vegetarian. During WW1 he carried a sidearm as a dispatch runner, but never actually fired it. He received medals for bravery under fire, including the Iron Cross First Class, not for killing enemy soldiers but for getting dispatches through under enemy fire. He once physically protected his commanding officer from enemy fire by putting his body in between the officer and himself. So, he was no coward, but he was squeamish about blood, presumably because of the experience he had had caring for his mother while a teenager. She had undergone a massive mastectomy in an attempt to cure her breast cancer and young Hitler was given the task of daily changing her dressing. He would, in later life, ask his meat-eating friends how they liked eating that corpse.

    Of course, he had no problem at all ordering the deaths of millions, but never visited a concentration camp, refusing to see for himself the fruits of his genocidal works. He had to be badgered by Goebbels to even tour the rubble of bomb-damaged German cities during his war. I know it sounds strange, but these are the facts.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Actually, I don't really think he did. Hitler was a very weak man that failed at everything he did, and I don't believe he actually killed a jew with his own hands, at least there is no evidence.

    Hitler most likely did not kill a single jew with his own hands.

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