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Why Do President Obama and his Staff Disrespect the People of Arizona and the USA about Illegal Immigrant Law?

AG Eric Holder and HLS Janet Napolitano both said they have not read the bill. Is that to make it sound inconsequential? When 60% of US Citizens believe the new law has a valid point, why is the current Washington Administration treating it as a 'rogue' law created by bigots?


jimulik-are yu suggesting citizenship should be for sale? "a price on it"?

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  • 10 years ago
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    It serves their political purposes to cater to the far left and certain Latino groups. However, to most Americans, Holder sounded like an idiot when he had said he hadn't read a bill that he claimed he was going to legally challenge.

  • 10 years ago

    Eric Holder may not have read the bill and yet been briefed enough to have an opinion. However, as high profile as this issue is, I was disappointed to hear him declare "I have not actually read the law"

    After all and do correct me if I am wrong, but this is his JOB! To read these documents and then intelligently presents opinions/advice to the viewers. He knew in advance he would be on national television and people (tax paying) citizens would be watching. He has a duty to perform and in doing so receives a salary. Read, research, discuss and inform the public. He was not blind sided with this question, just sadly unprepared and ultimately embarrassed. Voters are watching very closely and scrutinizing each action and or response from politicians. The internet has opened a new media for constituants to feel the pulse of the nation. Why can't the representatives we elect feel the pulse?I am starting to feel more proud each day that We are standing up and speaking out. Americans were content more or less because we had Jobs with benefits, homes were appreciating as much as double digits(on paper) in some states. So the corrective curve we are experiencing is hard to swallow. I'll close with...

    Even the smartest man elected "President" CAN'T be expected to know it all! I think a really smart elected official surrounds himself with intelligent, competent, well networked, well respected people he can trust. Prioritizing, multi tasking and delegating while staying focused on the true issues and then proceeding with prudence and integrity. I am proud to be an American. Obama said it right when he said vote for change.....we are voting for Informed change. God Bless America!

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    Immigration is a very, very hot potato and if you're a politician you'd better think twice before

    you answer any questions.Obama's probably saying to himself, " It would be a lot easier and

    cost effective for the government to simply set a price ( per person) for those illegals already

    here.President Obama doesn't disrespect the people of Arizona,it's just simply bad timing for

    him and Congress.They have no intention to take up immigration reform this year.I personally

    think that the government will take the amnesty route simply because it's easier and politically

    correct to many.In a situation such as this, you have to think like a politiician.Line 'em up and

    make them pay a penalty.After that they'll be American taxpayers and that's just what we need

    more of !

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    I think Obama and Holder have not properly thought out the political consequences of their policy. They may get short term political gain by pandering to the Hispanic community, but most Americans see that Arizona has a problem that the Federal government has long been ignoring. The fact is that the problems of Arizona are a microcosm of the problems of America and Arizonians have the sympathy of most Americans.

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  • 10 years ago

    Not at all unless they support SB 1070 like Jan Brewer and Sarah Palin do then they have no respect for them the people in Arizona If they are smart they would boycott their own state or go to California or to Mexico where they are safe so not all Arizonians are on the White House's Bad Side.

  • 10 years ago

    Well if the conspiracy theory people are right, Obama is protecting his right to be here, since they claim he is not a U.S. citizen, he was not born here, maybe I am mistaken but the last time I checked Hawaii was a state, unless he was born before 1959, not sure on how that works if Hawaii wasn't a state yet at the time of his birth. Oh yeah his Birthday August of 1961

  • 10 years ago

    The feds want the borders open to act as a steam valve to prevent revolution in Mexico and to further burden the US economy (the middle class) and bring the U.s Mexico and Canada into a North American Union as part of the New World Order Agenda

  • 10 years ago

    Obama wants to do everything that Arizona's law does, but he also wants to legalize the illegals here.

    He wants to enforce laws against companies hiring them. He wants to track them down. He wants to secure the border. And he wants to start an amnesty program.

    If he would cut the amnesty part, 90% of Americans would back his plan.

    Arizona would for sure.

    Hey Hehe: That's the price you will have to pay until your "people" stop breaking the law.

    If fat white guys were criminals, I could understand why cops would want to stop and question me. I have no problem with it.

  • 10 years ago

    Because they want to keep the vote of the race baitors and all those who don't really read the laws, just follow whatever the media says. They're full of themselves and don't care about what the American public thinks.

  • 10 years ago

    Simple we as americans have made our mistakes and the crap we put in the white house is very close to being nazi thank god election time is coming yea we need a change we need a big one to clean this dam mess up that DC bunch has made,

    Source(s): One nation UNDER GOD with liberty and justice for all.Source..A retired very proud american veteran,God Bless America!!
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