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Why is Barney better than Sesame Street?

I'm doing a debate in my English class and we were assigned Barney vs. Sesame Street. Sadly enough, we have to debate pro-Barney. If you've got anything it'll be fantastic. Thanks :]

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    barney raped less kids and plus he did less drugs.

    also barney is purple. the count is purple on sesame street but not a purple dinosaur. plus he does basically what the whole sesame street does but as one person. he teaches the same things, education, life lessons, and how to behave.

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    Sesame Street Barney

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    Some say that "Sesame Street" and other children TV shows that show images for less than one second at a time, is partially to blame for the rise in ADHD diagnoses. The show is broken into 40 short, unrelated segments — the sort of pacing that arguably triggers attention-deficit problems. Images move to quickly and kids can't process that fast!!

    See this article

    Watch this: Should eat only cookies?

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    Barney is not any better cause its TV-but don't say that.

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    How sad to have to debate pro-Barney, but maybe this will help.

    An unofficial survey of 4 year olds prefer Barney. (This is true in my classroom.)

    Barney is about love and self-worth. That is what small children need, to be accepted as they are.

    Barney makes a better pinata.

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