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places to stay and visit in Phoenix, Sedona, Grand Canyon?

I will be visiting Arizona in a couple weeks and will be in Phoenix first, i have a hotel already downtown by the light rail, but need places to visit nearby. Then we really want to visit Sedona and the Grand Canyon but can't figure out where in the vicinity to stay. Is Flagstaff our best bet? So i need help on what town and where to stay, and what to go see/do. Thanks to everyone in advance:)

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    Time is of the essence as peak vacationing season is quickly approaching. Which ever you decide... Book ASAP.

    We vacation the sedona/canyon area frequently. If your like my wife & don't like to change hotels frequently then Flagstaff is the best place to stay. Not only some nice hotels (Embassy & Holiday Express) but being a college town it has a lot of night life compared to the "Ho-Hum" towns of Sedona & Williams. Because Flag is centrally located to the best Az has to offer you are no more than an hour or so to Grand Canyon, Sedona, The Meteor Crater, The Petrified Forest(2hr) Glen Oak Canyon & the Dinosaur Footprints in the lava flows just outside Cameron. In Flag is the Snow bowl & Lowell Observatory (Nightly Public Viewings). be very careful renting rooms at the small chains at far end of town by the Railroad tracks as they are dirty & have drug & prostitution problems.

    If you don't mind moving about a bit you would be much better off time wise to stay in Sedona & either at or near Grand Canyon. There is a small town just outside the Park called Tusayan. The Grand Hotel is nice so is The Holiday Express, but don't be surprised if the city is booked solid.

    As for Phoenix... The light rail goes by The Botanical Garden & The Heard Museum. Don't know how you are about heights, but there are some really good hot air balloon rides nearby. as for shopping you have the Arizona Mills Shopping mall & Scottsdale is not to far. If rour looking for a good restaurant "Texas Roadhouse" has the best ribs around.

    Enjoy your trip..!! we just hit tripple didgets in east phoenix yesterday. Summer is here.

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    Flagstaff or Williams, Az is your best bet. They are close to sedona. (15 miles?) and williams is 60 miles from the GC and Flagstaff is about 75. I don't think you can stay near the grand canyon because most places get booked far in advance. If you want to do something in Phoenix, I would recommend the Heard Museum.

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    If you are going to visit Sedona, stay in Sedona, then move on to the Grand Canyon or vise versa. Flagstaff (or Williams) would make a convenient location as a base to explore the area as Mr. Danger notes. Using Sedona as a base for exploring the area will unnecessarily increase drive times everywhere. Best choice in my opinion is to stay in Sedona while you are visiting there and either Flagstaff, Williams or Tusayan while exploring the Grand Canyon. It will ultimately depend on hotel availability and your evening plans. Tusayan is a village of hotels just outside the south entrance of the Grand Canyon. All the hotels can be booked solid at certain times. Williams is small town but there are a few more options as far as food, beverage and entertainment and Flagstaff has tons of options. One other slightly out-of-the-way option (but interesting for a night) would be Cameron, AZ.

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    I'm going with Flagstaff. It's "between" Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Take SH 89 Oak Creek between Sedona & Flag - the Oak Creek drive is beautiful. South Rim, definitely consider a helicopter tour - takes about 30 mins and you will truly understand the scale of this natural wonder. Here's a link that'll help pick such a tour:

    Enjoy your stay in AZ!

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    I disagree and would not use Flagstaff as your base. Flagstaff is a "ho hum" sleepy little town.

    I'd use Sedona which has a lot more to do and prettier views. There are many hotels there at various prices. You didn't provide a price range - everything from moderate to luxury. Many things to do in Sedona including pink jeep tours, trolley orientation rides, hiking, Slide Rock, shopping, etc. Do an internet search.

    Phoenix - eat at Cooperstown and Hardrock Cafe downtown. Top three tourist attractions are Heard Museum on Central Avenue, Desert Botanical Garden,and Taliesin West (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright). You could out to Tempe and see ASU, hang out on Mill Avenue where there are many restaurants and bars and see Tempe Town Lake. You didn't mention an age group so it makes it hard to know what might interest you.

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    I would make Flagstaff by base of operations and then venture out from there to Sedona ,GCNP, Wupatki /Sunset Crater and all of the other cultural and geologialy important places that fit into a 100 mile radius of Flag.

    Just so you know Flagstaff has literally thousands of available rooms that cover many price points so if you do a little research you can easily find something that meets your needs

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    Places To Stay In Phoenix

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    Can you elaborate?

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