people who have been to europe--some opinions/advice/answers???!!!!!!?

ok, so im going on a trip to switzerland this summer. its me a group of other teenage girls [wer all in high school], eight of us, and four chaperone/advisors [some middle-aged/somehwat elderly ladies, all of whom have done a lot of traveling like this].

our advisors kinda ruin the trip sometimes [during our monthly planning meetings] cuz they obsess over eveery little detail, especially the weird little details. [like, for example, ur hat u bring for hiking Has to have a brim that goes all the way around, or else ur ears will sunburn, even if u wear sunscreen].

so we'r leaving july 5th, and we only have 2 meeting left. at our meeting last night one of our advisors went over in great detail what to pack.

the main thing i want an opinion on is gonna sound weird, but i really just wanna know. the ladies all said that almost everyone gets diarrhea and/or constipated when u go to europe/switzerland. i have never never ever heard anything like this before. i thnk they said something about high altitudes or something. im seriosuly having trouble believing this. but iv never been to europe before, and neither have either of my parents. my mom [whose flying out to meet me so we can spend an extra week to visit her friend in germany] doesnt believe me/them about thhe whole getting sick thing.

so, from someone whose been to europe, or done travel like this, is this true? or r my advisors once again being obsessive over insignificant things?

also: theyr being Very obsessive with wut we pack [we'r backpacking; everythings on my back during travel]. two weeks. theyr saying: three to five plain t shirts [3 of which r already unfirm/group shirts (white polo, navy polo, red tshirt], one or two long sleeve shirts, 2 pairs of pants [no jeans allowed. and one of them has to b khakis (uniform thing)], maybe a pair of shorts [but they discourage it. they say ppl dont really wear shorts in europe?], one sweater/jacket-like thing, our pair of hiking boots, a pair of comfy everyday walking shoes [will my all-star converse sneakers work??], a pair of "practical" sandals that Have to have a strap around the back of the ankle [why cant i wear my rainbow flip-flops?], and only two bras, one of which is one we'r wearing [they said laundry will be washing stuff in the sink and hanging to dry--im not fond of the idea of washing my bra in the sink and then hanging it up to dry in the coed hostel].

i would jsut stuff some stuff in there secretly [extra shirts, shorts, etc], but theyr requiring a luggage check a week before and expect us to leave it packed such way.

my moms meeting me, and she said she'll bring my jeans and maybe some other stuff, but id hate to make her lug a bunch of other stuff for me, cuz she's packing too.

would it b unrealistic to want to ship the stuff i dont want anymore [knick knacks and hiking boots] home when im done with the group and with my mom?

is it unrealistic to want to wear dresses/skirts and sandals while walking around [like in paris?]

and does anyone have knowledge of weather this time of year in that region? [switzerland, france, and southern germany]

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  • Cabal
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    10 years ago
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    Altitude sickness in the Alps? What do they think you're going to do, camp at the top of the White Mount? If you're going trekking in the Alps you will stay under the snow line. (roll eyes). If you are not used to eat salad, tomatoes, lots of veggies and fresh fruits then you might suffer some guts trouble.

    However, it is true that the sun is stronger in the mountains, so if your skin is sun sensitive you'd better get a hat that will protect you, a little scarf to protect your neck. And don't forget sunglasses.

    About the clothing, jeans are the least loved trousers when you trekk, they are difficult to wash by hand, take a long time to dry, are uncomfortable if you are caught in the rain and are heavier than other trousers. I would advise against.

    Flip flop are nice but think about walking on uneven ground with them, old pavement, etc. It is better to have sandals that will stay on your feet if you slip or walk on a strong slope.

    Shorts are usually worn by tourists in the cities, in the countryside and the mountains plenty of people wear them while walking around. Not the locals of course, they wear everyday clothes and that doesn't include shorts.

    If you dislike hanging your bra, wash them, shake them, roll them in a towel and twist hard. This will mope up most of the water. Then put it between the two sheets of your bed and lie on it while you're resting, listening to your ipod, texting... your body head will dry it quickly. And if you want to limit the wrinkles on your newly clean clothes put them under the mattress in the evening. After a good night they will be (nearly) ironed.

    Don't forget you will have to drag that bag so limit the overweight, but you can sneak in a fun shirt or two.

    Usually the weather is good in summer, we've had a few bad surprises from time to time though so the sweater and maybe a light raincoat can be useful. The sweater is a must in the evening up in the mountains.

    Source(s): Did it but without the old ladies
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Oh my god, sounds like they are sending you to army or something. I can tell you that I've been to many places (USA, Australia) for a long time and I never noticed any digestion problems after my return. So this is DEFINITELY not a problem of the European continent. I've been to Swiss alps but only in winter for skiing and I didn't have any problems but I won't be telling you about that as I'm not an expert. Just tell your mom what you think you should be able to bring and she can talk to the advisors or take it for you. The fact that they are checking your bag is kinda weird plus a week ago?

    I understand some extra requirements if you're going to do some hiking and other stuff that you don't normally do but when you go to Paris or some city just relax and wear what would you normally wear in your town, don't worry. Yes, wearing shorts isn't very common in here, so what? When I go to Australia, I also don't just start wearing board shorts with t-shirts and flip flops. Every place has a bit different fashion, just stick with what you like.

    Europe in July has lovely weather, maybe sometimes a bit too hot, but be prepared for showers that are always possible. I went to Central Australia (I climbed the Uluru) and it started raining which is like super rare over there, so anything can happen.

    Just don't worry, I mean you have mountains in your country too right? Would you be so worried if you went hiking there? I guess not. Just chill, Europe is nice and civilised place and you will have great time.

    Source(s): European! Nothing scary over here, don't worry! :-)
  • Orla C
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    10 years ago

    They're giving you good, practical advice, dear. Switzerland is an Alpine country, at a very high altitude, so you are likely to get altitude sickness, yes. Even in countries around the Alps, the strange winds can affect people's health. It's true.

    Also, the thing about the hat is good advice. You'll be up high and there won't be much cloud or ozone layer between you and solar radiation.

    I would also think twice about bringing extra stuff because YOU will be the one carrying it around. Your mother won't mind taking a few things of yours along with her, as long as you don't ask her to bring too much, just whatever she can fit into her own bag.

    It's no problem wearing shorts when you're out hiking, but generally people are not that into wearing shorts in Europe, it's true. Wear pretty dresses and flip-flops when out hiking is not practical. As for washing your gear in the sink in hostels, there are drying rooms in many of them.

    Source(s): Live in Ireland, have been to the vicinity of the alps many times, those ladies know what they are talking about.
  • 10 years ago

    Wow! Where to begin?? :)

    Your chaperones do seem extremely organized but keep in mind if you forget a thing or two, you can always buy them in Europe.

    1) You will not get diarrhea unless you eat food you are not used to. Eat healthy and drink bottled water and you should be fine. Just like in America.

    2) Pack comfortable shoes because I'm assuming you will be doing a lot of walking. The last thing you want is sore feet and calluses at the end of the day.

    3) Wearing shorts or skirts is fine for sightseeing...however if you plan on visiting churches or holy sites during the day, best to cover those legs and arms because a lot of churches won't let you enter without appropriate attire. (ex. Vatican)

    4) The weather can be hot and sunny in Europe in July but from your list of countries it can also get quite cold and rainy without warning. So pack accordingly.

    The last piece of advice I can give you is to bring some medicine in case you get sick. Pharmacies don't always open late in Europe and you can't find them on almost every street corner like you can in America. And even then, you may not easily find the brand or medicine you are used to back home.

    Good luck with the trip and most importantly...have fun!!! You will love Europe!

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  • Lisa
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    4 years ago

    Yes both are located in Europe, but I get why you needed clarification. I am looking at a 2016 Nursing Assesment textbook that puts Spain and Portugal under the "Iberian, Central and South American Heritage" category and NOT under the European countries list. Very confusing but I guess when putting in the context of "Cultural traditions on illness beliefs and Practices" they may be more similar to other Spanish speaking countries cultural traditions. So they are lumped together with North/South America when, categorizing them BUT only by traditions or when talking specifically about Spanish speaking country statistics. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    For packing: realize that you will be carrying all of your stuff on your back if you're backpacking so do you want to carry extra, jeans, shoes, dresses, etc. that you don't really need? It's all up to you.

    For getting sick: stay away from the airline food, trust me.

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