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What other precautions should I take with someone who's had a previous abnormal pap smear, diagnosed with HPV?

I am a lesbian and I've just started dating a female who shared with me that she had an abnormal pap about 10 years ago, diagnosed with HPV, but not the type caused by genital warts. She gets paps smears done twice a year for that reason, but has had no other abnormal paps since. I'm 35y/o and I'm wondering should I get the Ghardisil vaccination before we become intimate or what other precautions if any should I take. How fearful should I be?

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    Gardasil is recommended for age to 26, you may find a doctor that will give you the vaccine if you call around. The vaccine cost is about $120 this price doesn’t usually include the doctors office visit…and since you are outside of the age requirements your insurance probably will not cover the cost.

    Gardasil prevents 4 genital HPV types. They are 40 genital HPV types. Gardasil works best when given before any sex. Since you have probably engaged in sex before this gal you may already have acquired an HPV type.

    Specific HPV type testing is rare done mostly in research so there is no way to know if the vaccine would prevent the HPV type she had several years ago.

    A Pap test looks for abnormal cell changes. A Pap test is not an HPV test. An HPV is done after a Pap finds abnormal cell changes confirming high risk HPV types. The HPV test does not screen for all 40 genital HPV types. You can have HPV with no signs of abnormal cell changes or external genital warts. If you have engaged in sex...you may have already acquired an HPV type even though you are not showing signs or symptoms. You can show abnormal cell changes years after the initial infection was acquired.

    In most the body builds immunity to the acquired HPV type in a year or two. Building immunity to an HPV type doesn't grantee that we will never share our HPV type. That said she is probably less contagious...

    If you love this gal she is probably worth the risk.

    latent HPV cannot be detected by visual inspection, cytology or even by HPV testing, and individuals with "latent" HPV are not contagious. However, because the virus can move from latency to "expressed" HPV disease such as warts or cervical cell changes, it is not possible to guarantee that the individual will remain non-contagious indefinitely


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    I found this info, - hope it helps somewhat.

    GARDASIL® is for use among females 9 to 26 years of age to prevent cervical cancer, precancerous or dysplastic lesions, and genital warts caused by HPV types 6, 11, 16 and 18 in. GARDASIL® is contraindicated in individuals who are hypersensitive to the active substances or to any of the excipients of the vaccine.

    Source(s): Gardasil information website.
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