What do Wiccans believe God/Goddess wise?

Like, do they think that humans are special and the Gods watch over us and keep us safe or are they just there (& created the big bang, etc)?

I'm very interested in Wicca/Paganism, however I feel that I am agnostic with the beliefs Pagans have about the environment. But I am very open minded and I'm willing to believe in a god/goddess, I'd just like a little more detail on them.

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    It actually varies between different Wiccans. Some don't consider them deities per se, but just the names of different forces in nature.

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    Sakura has a few things a little off there.

    Please see this site and look over to the menu on the right, read the links to The God and Goddess, The Triple Goddess, The Horned God, etc.


    Personally, I am what has come to be known as a "hard" polytheist. Though I believe in many gods, I don't believe that they get involved with or interfere with every aspect of our daily lives. Wicca stresses personal responsibility. I believe the gods are there to oversee their creation, to be sure we are provided with what we absolutely need to live, to offer guidance or assistance when they see it is needed, but that they're not "micro-managers".

    As Wicca is about building a personal relationship with the gods, Wiccans' views on them may vary based on their own relationships and personal experiences and/or what tradition they follow.

    Also, to correct above - the Wiccan Rede (not Reed) is, "an it harm none, do what you will" or some variation of that - 8 words, that's it. There is a link on the above site that further explains the Rede as well.

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    Personally, I do not believe that humans are particularly special. We are small cogs in a very large mechanism, and thus the gods have better things to do than fret over our every scrape and boo-boo. The gods are the powers of the universe. For some things to live, other things must die. They don't put protective bubbles around humanity.

    I don't believe they created the big bang. I believe the gods evolve as the universe does. After all, there's little point for a god of war before there is anything in the universe warring, for example.

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    Most Wiccans believe in both a God and a Goddess.

    The Goddess is represented in three ways, the maiden, the mother and the crone.

    The God is usually depicted as goat like.

    They believe the two co-exist and without one, there can not be the other.

    Most Wiccans will call the Goddess Gaia or Mother Earth.

    They combined Witchcraft with their religion.

    They believe in the Wiccan Reed which can be said two ways: Do what you will as you please as long as it does not harm others;or; do as you will as you please but all evil intentions will return in threes.

    I'm not entirely sure what else you would like to know but the Wiccans I know have all said that the book "Spiral Dance" is a good one to start off with.

    Some words of advice:

    There are hundreds of Pagans religions, and in Paganism you are free to walk your own path and follow what you will.

    Do not listen to those ignorant crazies who say any Pagan worships the devil, I have not once come across a Pagan who believes in a devil.

    Do not confuse Witchcraft with Paganism in itself, you can be any or no religion and be a Witch.

    Most Pagans are educated, kind hearted people who respect the Earth. (And I have yet to come across a Pagan who does not believe in Evolution or who is blinded by their religion)

    I hope this helps!

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    There is no official doctrine or single belief. Mainly Wiccans view the divine in the form of the male/female balance (positive/negative; creative/destructive; yin/yang, etc.== the union of opposites).

    Some Wiccans are polytheist, some pantheist, some are monotheists and some are agnostic or atheist.

    How you view the Divine is more of a personal relationship that you have to figure out for yourself.

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    Not completely sure put people who compare Wicca to devil worship are f**king retarded like Don D up there.

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    why not create your own religion

    than you don't have to see if it fits

    just design it to fit your way of thinking

    live a lie, but believe it is the truth

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    Ahem, Harry Potter.

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    Wiccans are a pagan cult. If you want the full Biblical truth, you must seek it. Here is a link to assist you in your spiritual journey.


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