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will it help if i add an extra battery for amp?

my lights dim really bad and i dont believe the amp is working to its full potential it is a rxd2400 watt planet audio amp, will adding an extra battery work if the alternator isnt putting out enuff power? its a 2000 chrysler concorde with stock alternator?


Also i was looking into a bigger alternator but i culd not find one, anywhere to get one?

Update 2:

its wired down to 1 ohms cuz when it was at 4 ohms it wasnt loud enough, i got 4 gauge wire amp is 1 ohm stable also, also if the lights are dimming when hard notes hit culd that cause the amp to fry?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You should upgrade your alternator, the stock one only puts out ~105amps. Not enough for your 2,400w amp. Think about buying a capacitor also.

    And make sure your amp is properly grounded. Something that big would need at least a 4 gauge wire. Also check your how your subs are wired up. Try running them at 4ohms if they aren't already.

    heres a site for the alternator. rated at 200amps

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's a tricky situation. As car amps have evolved over the last 15-20 yrs the most obvious advancement has been the ability to build extremely powerful amps at a pretty affordable price.

    The problem is an amp that can produce over 2000w rms is going to be a struggle for most any stock charging system.

    From what I can find the 2.7L has a 120A, and the 3.2L has a 130A which are not small alts, but that amp can probably produce well over 2000w on its peaks. Even if that's an efficient amp at 80% or so that's about 180A being drawn when you're seeing the lights dim. When it comes down to it some minor headlight dimming is to be expected.

    Sometimes even a big alt doesn't cure the problem because it takes a little bit of time for the alt to respond to a drop in voltage and increase its output. That time can be long enough to see light dimming even thought the overall performance of the electrical system is more than adequate.

    A battery MIGHT help. The theory being a 2nd batt should reduce the resting voltage of the system with the engine running (insignificantly -- maybe a tenth or two of a volt), then when the amp demands a lot of current which WILL exceed the ability of the alt to supply it, there would be more current available from the batteries therefore keeping the voltage from sagging as far. That smaller difference in voltage would show up in the brightness of the lights.

    A cap might even help. They don't lighten the load on the alternator, but they CAN in some cases reduce dimming by filling the voltage gap between the alt at about 14 and the battery at 12.5.

    A high output alt is your best bet, but even that may not reduce dimming entirely.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It might be the Alternator, but most cars with Amps have a Capacitor of 1 Farad or greater, they look like large soda cans, with two terminals on the top, it basically functions like a battery, and prevents your battery from draining and should stabilize the power so that your lights won't dim.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if the lights dim you either have a short in the amp or a bad alt an extra battery just makes the alternator work harder

    Source(s): Mechanic 18 years
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