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Would you buy a new car model that is being discontinued?

I was planning to buy a new 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt. While talking to the sales person at the dealership, she mentioned to me that there wiil be no new 2011 models of the Cobalt. The car is being discontinued. Is it unwise to buy a car that will no longer be manufactured? Does it greatly reduce the trade -in value down the road?

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    I may purchase a model that is being discontinued; however, I would not purchase the Chevrolet Cobalt.

    The 2010 Auto Reliability GPA of the Chevrolet Cobalt Sedan is 1.19 (on the standard scale of 0.00 to 4.00) over a 5-year data history. In other words, in a letter grade, the Cobalt Sedan's reliability earns a D, for frequency of reported serious problems.

    For comparison, here are overall 2010 Auto Reliability GPAs for several brands, in descending order:

    Honda: 3.67 (an A)

    Toyota: 3.53 (a low A)

    Acura: 3.38 (a B)

    Subaru: 2.61 (a low B)

    Hyundai: 2.54 (a low B)

    Mazda: 2.28 (a C)

    Ford: 2.17 (a C)

    Volkswagen: 1.58 (a low C)

    Saturn: 1.49 (a high D)

    Chevrolet: 1.37 (a D)

    Chrysler: 1.04 (a D)

    Dodge: 0.97 (a D).

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    The 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt should be more than reliable enough for you and even if it isn't we've got you covered bumper to bumper for 3 years or 36,000 miles. Your powertrain is covered for 5 years or 100,000 miles as well. Overall you should be quite happy with purchasing a new Cobalt.

    Jeff Morris, GM Customer Service

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    If you are going to drive it til it dies then low resale means nothing. Of course you can still get parts for it and it still has the warranty. Since its discontinued the dealer will want to get it off their lot to clear out room for the Chevy Cruze that will replace it. This means you will get a very good price on it.

    If you just want to drive it for a couple years and sell it then no because the resale will be terrible.

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    Not a new car model, and I wouldn't buy a Cobalt.

    It reduces your resale value, and on a car that is already likely going to have great depreciation it's not a good idea.

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    I personally would not buy a new model that has or will be discontinued. It would be hard to sell if you wanted to. I don't think that you would have a problem with parts because they should be guaranteed for 10 years. I think your trade in price on another car would greatly be diminished, What if you got a Lemon how hard would it be to find another exact car for replacement?

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    Go to

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    honda does it all the time/5 year buildout at honda no matter what/hasnt hurt them

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