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Bunch of rat questions?

I am planning on adopting some female rats, and I have a few random questions (most are opinion as I've done a ton of research so I know most of the facts. LOL) First time rat owner. (:

1) Do you prefer Tekland or Oxbow lab blocks? I believe I heard that Tekland was more nutritionally complete, but Oxbow was made of better quality ingredients? Which do you use/prefer and why? Where do you buy? Which is cheaper?

2) Is it better to get two or three females? Does it make a big difference? Will they be happier? How much of difference does it make in cleaning?

3) I was planning on litter box training. Are girls okay with this, or worse because they are more active and whatnot. Any experience with litter box training your rats?

4) How many rats does Martin's 695 hold? The Rat Tower? I think its 24"x14"

5) Any name suggestions for groups of two or three female rats?

Thanks in advance!


She Lives in a Fairy Tale- Don't worry, the bottom isn't wire. There actually isn't a definite study saying wire causes bumble foot, it's just believed to. Not that I would put my pets at risk! The wire is small enough that little legs won't get caught and if they get uncomfortable they can go in a hammock or on the bottom. But yeah, just the levels and ramps are, not the actual bottom.

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    When I had my girls, they weren't good at eating lab blocks and they did not like Regal Rat at all. I had a huge bag in bulk from when Oxbow used to sell direct to the public and I ended up having to donate it. My girls were on some sack of variety good from Kaytee at Petco and then onto Reggie Rat from Petsmart. My boys on the other hand will eat lab blocks from Mazuri as well as the homemade blend called Sue Bee's mix that you can find the recipe for on the internet.

    Get at least 2. You can consider getting a third later if not all at once, but remember to quarantine the new rat for 3 weeks and to introduce SLOWLY so there are no aggression issues. I had a hairless and fancy dumbo females. Then the hairless died and I got the remaining a friend from the humane society. Right now my boys came together in the tank at Petsmart: 2 hairless dumbos :)

    I have never tried to litterbox train rats. I got fed up after trying to litterbox train a ferret that wouldn't stop digging the litter out of it so I leave that to the cats. I am looking into it for the boys though. It saves on bedding costs and you just end up laundering anything else.

    The cage looks like it would easier accommodate 2 rats and possibly a third.

    Did you want a theme? You could name them after spices or wait until you see their personalities.

    For a while, every guinea pig I had got named with the letter C. I also like naming animals things that don't seem to make sense. Cat and Dog.

    This is my cage

    I am a fan of Powder Coating for the cage bars.

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    1) My rats don't have lab blocks sorry

    2) How many you get isn't really an issue as long as its more than one and the cage is big enough. 3 rats really wont make that much more of a difference in cleaning than two would.

    3) never litter trained my boys but i know someone who has and their girls were fine with it and picked it up pretty quickly.

    4) i looked at the cage online and it seems like it has a wire bottom and that's not good for rats. It can give them something called bumble foot. Jenny rat cages are pretty good.

    5) Names! one of the hardest things. I had a list of names when i went to get my rats but when i saw them none of the names suited. Anyway some girl names...















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    ok so the name is the easy question. you could do sabrina, jill and kelly....the charlies angels or Florence, Mary, and Diana...the supremes. i have 3 male rats and as for the lab blocks i go with wahtever is cheaper...they are all made up of basically the same stuff and i also get them these hanging treats...almost looks like ears of corn and its for small animals and they love it! plus i make them their own food with rice crispy cereal, total cereal, unsalted peanuts, dried banana chips and dried fruit. i got their cage at walmart. dont know the brand but its a two floor cage. the size doesnt really matter as long as you take them out everyday to run aorund and play cause any cage is gonna be too small for 3 rats to play in. the cage your talking about should be plenty big for them. my rats were happy as a duo but i saved the baby from being sold as snake food and they took him in and now they all are really close. and the cleaning did not really increase that much from 2 rats to 3 i still clean it once or sometimes twice a week

    hope this helps!!

    Source(s): mommy of three fancy rat boys!
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    I have had my rat Cinnamon for a year she is very healthy and friendly.

    1. Never gave my rat a lab block

    2. I would say 2 is fine. I had two but then one died and the one became way closer bonded to me by she was never much of a social rat with her friend. I would say two is best though, with 3 you won't be able to give them enough personal attention.

    3. They are worse my rat is always tinkling on me but she goes to her cage to poop. The bottom of her cage is shavings so that is where she does all her business and she sleeps and plays on the shelves, she taught herself how to do this.

    4. That will hold two fine

    5. Coconut, Kiwi, and Lime

    this is my rats cage

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