I left my husband a month ago, we have two boys 5 and 3. I moved to North Carolina from Georgia,?

I needed to be close to my mom for financial support plus i got a really good paying job with the State. I wat to know if i can get temp custody of my boys, I would like to register them for school since my oldest starts kindergarten next year. well actually in Aug. My husband is saying he wants to put them in school in GA and i can have them every weekend,obviously i don't want this. But which one of us gets them till all this is figured out. My Husband has criminal charges pending from two years ago from domestic violence charges, pus he was fired from the police department for these charges. Will this help my case in getting my boys, or have i hurt my chances by moving> i just wanted a better life for me and the kids. I have a great job it pays really well a nice place to live and i am now close to family support. Help any suggestion.


one charge for for child endangerment to the 3rd degree, thats when he pull out his department issuses weapon and threationed to kill me. and how do i file in north carolina do i have to be a resident for a certian amout of time.

Update 2:

one charge for for child endangerment to the 3rd degree, thats when he pull out his department issuses weapon and threationed to kill me. and how do i file in north carolina do i have to be a resident for a certian amout of time.

Update 3:

just to clearify i did not leave my kids to took them with me. I am a mother for crying out !!! i would never leave them, i am tying to fight for them

Update 4:

And i commend you for raising your kids, but you you should be assamed of your self for you assumption. I moved and took my kids because my husband cheated on me 4 times 2 of which while i was pregnant and i just found out, he also abused me mentally and physically daily i was confined to my house and manipulated for 8 years. then i was held at gun point. it took me two years to arrange a job get a college degree and leave with my kids. how dare you. I am ashamed that all you got out of my orininal question was that i left my kids. never min d the abuse. i question you fathering ability

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    The best place for you to start is with legal advise. No matter what we say here, you will fare far better with appropriate legal help to answer these vitally important questions regarding your children and your situation.

    The sooner you begin this process, the better. Starting with a v v o.com might be something to do.

    All the best to you and your family.

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    If no divorce papers have been filed, you had the right as every married parent does to take your children wherever you please. You should file for divorce and temp custody in the jurisdiction where you now live. Expect a fight from the father, however. The court won't care about any charges against the father that do not involve endangering the children. You can win custody without making a dirty mess of the process. Stick to the best interests of the children and let the other stuff go. Good luck.

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    If your husband doesn't press the issue, there will probably not be any consequences for your having left the state of Georgia, but if he complains, that might get messy. Why? Because you do not have any sort of order of custody already in existence. On the other hand, chances are good that you will be awarded custody once your dissolution of the family becomes legally established. This would probably have happened in any case since mothers are usually awarded custody unless a compelling case can be made against their fitness as parents. His having pending criminal charges bolsters your case somewhat, but even at that it's not strongly relevant. You're probably in pretty good shape.

    Welcome back. This is a fine state we have here. Schools are generally pretty good here, but it's worth examining in depth no matter where you are. Good luck to you.

  • 4 years ago

    Sorry however I'm a mom of five kids. I are not able to realize how on this planet a mom can positioned her children through that sort hell.. five months in the past you acted egocentric and in a hurry into relocating in with a brand new man..Didn't factor approximately your children obligations as a mom.Stay on your own for a even as and discover and get self love and self admire .Your children deserve a few admire and attention identical as your husband as good.Once you begin doing this you can be capable to make intelligent offerings in existence. Your fundamental precedence will have to be you and your children.Honestly you're now not capable to again together with your husband till you get the entire confusion from your middle and brain.Get a few aid for those who suppose you want it. Above all matters have a few self love and admire . Good success!

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    Start with NC, then you might have to move the case to Ga. Here is the main fact: with his record I would be really surprised if they would allow him custody of the cat, much less children. He is unstable. Do not give in to any of your husbands demands. He has no control of you or the boys.

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    you've done right by getting away from him moving to another state for your own protection as well as loving your sons enough putting there needs and safety above your own by moving will prove to the court that you are a good mother. seek a lawyers advice now get full custody please ask your attorney to get a hold to your soon to be ex-husbands arrest record that will help you; and get as much evidence as you can against him. please seek full custody right, with no joint custody at all.

    this will be hard for you now is the time to play hardball. only let him see the boys when an officer in your state is present. i think you moved because of abuse from him. take care of yourself..

    ask for a restraining order for your own protection as well as your sons.. there are support groups out there that can help also help find a lawyer pro bono if you get my drift..

    Source(s): been abused left for dead 3 times yet learn how to survive now live free from harm.. my sons are good men their 20's. real life.
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    Let me get this straight...

    You left your husband (AND you kids) a month ago, moved to another state, and now want your kids back?

    First, I highly doubt you can move to another state and file for a divorce in that state. Second, the fact that you left your kids with your husband and just took off, I doubt you'll get custody. You will probably be seen as the poor choice.

    In my opinion, you should be ashamed of yourself!

    Source(s): A dad raising kids alone.
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