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My dog eats his own feces!?!?!?!?

Okayyyyy I know it sounds very weird but I swear its true,

I caught a couple of times my dog eating his own **** right after he ejects it, why the heck is he doing that????

My friend told me that my dog's biological thing tells him to do that because he doesn't have enough vitamins in his body so its like an "emergency case" for him....

who cares if its true, how can I stop that?

My family came to visit me and my dog started to lick my 3-years old nephew face and he was crying like hell because he had crap all over his face

He also comes to lick me after he eats his feces and Im trying to run away but then he thinks we are playing so he starts to run faster,

In short: It is disturbing and embarrassing

I need a serious answer please, dont tell me thats because he copies me or because he is Satan, I really want to solve this because now I cant touch him anymore

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  • Chetco
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    He is not doing anything that he believes is wrong. He was taught this by his mother, when the mom kept the nest clean. When mom became too overwhelmed to keep clean after all the litter, the pups were good little helpers and did it themselves....They didn't have gloves and bags, so just did it the way they could.

    Dog's ancestors have done this for eons, to keep their area clean and to not let predators know where they live. It is as natural for them as hand washing is for people.

    The best solution is to consistently beat him to it. Hopefully he will learn that you can be trusted to clean it up so he doesn't have to.... Meanwhile, there is an additive available at all pet supplies that will make the stuff very bitter.(Forbid is the most commonly found brand) This may help some... Also putting a few pieces of pineapple in his food will do the same..Gradually changing the kind of food he gets may also help. He may be particularity fond of that flavor.

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    Sometimes it just becomes a learned habit,to immediately eat their own feces after they are done.

    Two things you can do,clean it up straight away..or immediately after the dog has done his Business,call him away from it and offer him a treat that's more appealing than his own feces.

    Or alternatively,call the dog away and offer it something else to do,something that is interesting to the dog-play ball whatever.

    Whatever motivates the dog enough not to want to eat his own feces.

    So when you see the dog getting ready to eliminate,before he gets a chance to even turn around and look at it distract him straight away,make a noise,whistle,tin can with something in it,anything.

    Then call him,and give him a really tasty treat,something that is better than his feces..or play ball,games etc..whatever motivates him.

    While you are doing this,have someone go and clean away the dogs feces.

    After a while,the dog will forget about turning around to eat the feces and concentrate on playing or a treat.

    Hope this will help a little

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    He is eating his poo because there is too much corn in the dog food you are feeding him and he can't digest it, so even though he eats alot of it he doesn't get enough nutrients out of the food and it is just about the same coming out as it was going he eats it again in hopes of gaining more the next get him a higher quality food...or give him some pineapple pieces with his meals...that will make his poo not smell so tasty for him and it will make it taste funky so it will usually discourage a dog from eating their own waste.

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    Condition and train your dog to stop his nasty trait. Muzzling a dog is helpful, but not necessary to break this habit. When walking together, if your dog approaches and attempts to eat other dogs feces, firmly jerk his leash and say 'no!' Repeated and consistent conditioning will help your dog stop eating the defecation of other animals. And when your dog tries to eat his own poop, pick it up RIGHT away. There are also products you can buy at the pet store to make him stop doing this.

    Tips & Warnings

    Patience and consistency are vital in helping break your pet's bad habit.

    Praise for good behavior will help condition your dog to not eat animal droppings.

    Consult your pet's veterinarian for recommendations if the pet should be tested for parasites.

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  • 10 years ago puppy used to do this! It really isn't pleasant.

    In the end we spoke to the vet and she is now on some fibre - probiotic stuff. It comes in a huge tub and she only needs a few sprinkles in her food each day. It stopped the habit in a matter of days - yippee!

    It is isn't too dear - cost us about £16 every 3 months which is definately worth it.

    Good luck x

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    Its natural for dogs to do that, some do it because they need to, others do it because they want to (sounds like the case here to me).

    The best way to end this one of two ways:

    1) Take your dog out on a leash and as soon as he's done with his business immediately take him away from it so he doesn't get a chance.

    2) At EVERY pet store they sell little treats you put in your dogs food or give to them that makes their poo taste bad.

    I'd go with number 2 (no pun intended) because if it tastes bad, he'll stop 100%.

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    Don't be ignorant towards him, he doesn't know that what he's doing is wrong. Feed your dog pineapple and let him drink pineapple juice mixed with water. That should solve the problem since the pineapple makes the crap taste gross. Some people say to put garlic powder in their food but garlic powder and garlic are poisonous to dogs. Hope I helped! :)

    Source(s): My dog ate crap too.
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    1. You can pick his poop seconds after it comes out to stop him from eating it.


    2. You re gonna need to follow him around and catch him in the act. Once you see him going for it give a loud command, not to scare him but to get his attention, and every time he goes for it do it. You should teach him the "leave it command."

    Hope it helped

  • 10 years ago

    Yup! Pineapple does the trick. Feed them pineapple with dinner and condition them to stay away!

  • 10 years ago

    its normal for a dog to eat their ****.so we he does that wait a while and make him eat dog food and then water and stuff till he doesnt have **** your dog licked your nephew and he tasted **** srry but thats ***** hilarious!!! :)

    no but seriously dogs eat ****.my uncle calls them shiteaters!!!

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