Ladies, what about me would make a girl want/not want me?

Please explain why for each of the following:

1 - I'm 5'4"(short) and filipino

2 - I'm athletic, have a good build, good looking

3 - I'm funny, smart, laid back

4 - I respect women, am a nice guy

5 - I'm 1 year away from getting a degree in environmental engineering

6 - I dream of living in a big city

7 - I play jazz guitar and write/record electronic style music

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  • 10 years ago
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    None of those things are negatives, but seeming desperate or lacking in confidence can be a turn off.

    Smile more and be friendly. Talk to everyone, male, female, young and old. Girls like guys that are friendly and approachable. If you only try to talk to pretty girls you come across as a player and that can be a real turn off for some women.

    Example. You are on a city bus or some other public place. There are a ton of people around. You head straight for the prettiest girl you see and try to talk to her. Guess what? You are likely to strike out big time because she doesn't know you from Adam.

    Here is a great tip that's worth at least a million dollars if you got your eye on some hottie . If you frequent the same place that she does try to make friends with as many people in her environment as you can before you approach her. If she sees you being genuinely friendly with "the plain girls and the fat girls" then she will know that you aren't superficial and will be more willing to let you in. Does that make sense? Besides, you may find that the plain girls or fat girls are more fun than she is anyway. The ones that look like supermodels are usually lacking in the personality department or are extremely high maintenance, LOL!

    Good luck!

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