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I drank an entire 32 oz bottle of Lemon Juice.. I don't feel good... What should I do?

I was reading acne treatments and I could have sworn one of them said to drink a cup of lemon juice (not lemonade) because it helps get rid of dead skin cells. One treatment said to put 100% lemon juice on a pad with sugar and massage the skin, and another said to drink a cup. I figured I'd just drink the entire bottle even though the taste was horrible and getting that much in my stomach was hard...

Should I go to the hospital? I just remembered something about acid in lemons... God, my stomach hurts and I don't feel good.

What do I do?


I think I'm going to drink some milk to sooth the 'acids'

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    eat a bag of sugar and drink a gallon of water then jump around alot it'll become lemonade. why would you under any circumstance drink a whole bottle of lemon juice? not smart!

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    I know this is a very very old post but I hope you didn't drink that milk because if you did you're pretty ******* stupid lemon juice will curdle milk make you even more sick take a glass of warm water and add two spoonfuls of baking soda that might work it usually works with all of the acid reflux better than Tums but a whole bottle lemon juice.... just take a glass of milk and pour some lemon juice in it and see what happens lmao

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    Try a mild base, like eating a spoonful of baking soda. Bread will help absorb the juice.

    Take some antacid tablets or drink some antacid liquid (like Maalox).

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    take pepto-bismol and advil!no need ot go to the hospital, but to the doctor if the paion persists

    hope u feel bettr..stomach aches are brutal...

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    the lemon can put a hoke in your stomach

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    think before you drink

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    Hmm. Guess you know not to do that again!

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    Call posion control...they will tell you what to do.

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